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Here at Kia Motors, we like to believe that every car possesses individual character. In fact, we are one of the few automobile brands to actively express the distinctiveness of each of our models through unique taglines.

Why use these taglines? For each of our models, we dream up unique slogans that communicate the essence and charm of our original and authentic creations. Often delivered in the form of hashtags (#), the keywords for the 21st century, these taglines convey key messages about our vehicles to fans near and far.

Find out more about the fun, funky and catchy slogans of Kia’s most beloved vehicles today!


The Masterpiece of Our Time, Kia Cadenza

The latest tagline to be created has been designated for our premium sedan, the all-new Cadenza. Endearingly titled the #MasterpieceofOurTime, the Cadenza’s tagline foreshadows the luxury and high-tech advancement that is sure to make the model stand out in its segment.




Born To Dare, Kia Sportage

The hashtag for the fourth generation Sportage#BornToDare – illustrates the bold innovations of our newest compact SUV model. The tagline aptly captures the car’s powerful and dynamic presence that marks another daring step forward to success.




▶ Read more about the digital campaign for the #BornToDare Sportage!


On Perfection, Kia Optima

Optima’s tagline – #OnPerfection – captures our feelings about the midsize sedan perfectly. As one of the brand’s most popular models, the release of the fourth generation Optima was a highly anticipated ordeal that did not disappoint. With enhancements that have shaped and primed the Optima to incomparable excellence, #OnPerfection is a well-deserved tagline.




All in Small, Kia Picanto

After a thorough makeover, Kia’s signature city car was reborn into colorful and convenient urban companion. The catchy tagline of the enhanced Picanto#ALLinsmALL – highlights the modern and comprehensive refinements that deliver an action-packed, on-the-go driving experience in a small but capable model.




The Talented Compact, Kia Rio

Very much like the Picanto, the enhanced Rio is another smaller model that is technically sophisticated. As the #TalentedCompact, the car boasts refreshed exterior style and improved technical features that help maintain its competitiveness in the subcompact market. And as the brand’s best-selling vehicle globally, the Rio is certainly incredibly talented.




So Ideal, Sorento

#SoIDEAL is some clever wordplay on the name Sorento, but that is not the only reason why we picked the tagline for the SUV. The third generation Sorento possesses a multitude of features that makes it a #SoIDEAL choice for global consumers. With supreme aesthetics and driving comfort, the Sorento has swept numerous accoladess across continents since its release. Thus, the #SoIDEAL hashtag is a fitting keyword when communicating about our popular SUV.




With hashtag taglines, Kia hopes to communicate with fans in a fun and creative way to convey the charm and excellence of our automobile creations. Don’t’ forget to check out all of the hashtags on Kia’s social channels as we bring you more new and exciting news about the brand!

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