brilliant 30 #13: Dongi Lee – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Meet and explore Dongi’s world of art through exclusive interview with the artist. Similar to the Pop Art movement in America has been interpreted as an escape from the hold of abstract expressionism, Dongi Lee’s works have been playing a critical role in setting the pace for Korean contemporary art in the post 90’s era. Listen to his own explanation of his art world, who meticulously observes and criticizes contemporary society.

Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow is the very first brand space to open outside Korea. Located in the heart of Moscow, New Arbat Street, Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow offers diverse experience around car, life and culture, including car gallery, car library and café.

brilliant 30 #11: Seahyun Lee – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Meet and explore Seahyun Lee’s world of art with his own worlds. Seahyun Lee produces paintings covering aspects of contemporary society in the form of ‘social landscapes’, speaking of national ideologies he labels as ‘Red Complex’. Find out what Seahyun Lee wishes to deliver through his paintings through his own interview.

Memories – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Introducing brilliant memories campaign Hyundai has prepared, turning your stories and moments you’ve shared with your car into an everlasting artwork. The fourth series of live brilliant campaign, now available in Korea.

brilliant 30 #10: Chiyung Chung – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Meet and explore Chiyung Chung’s world of art with his own words. Chiyung Chung’s pieces are distinguished from what we generally understand as ‘photorealism’, yet he uses photographs as the primary visual reference for his paintings. Find out what Chiyung thinks about relationship between painting and photography, why he chose soft colors to add gradation on paintings, and what inspires him in his world of art.

brilliant 30 #9: Suyeon Kim – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Meet and explore Suyeon Kim’s world of art with her own words. Suyeon Kim’s creation of art work is the articulation of her society, environment and consciousness. Meta-reflections on the practice of representation make Kim an artist worthy of recognition in the contemporary art scene.