brilliant 30: Jonggeon Lee – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Meet and explorer Jonggeon Lee’s art world with his own words. Jonggeon Lee displays objects and pieces from familiar “home” in an unfamiliar “gallery”, which conveys the viewers the cultural, psychological context a “home” possesses.

Exobaby [Hyundai Product Identity] – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Exobaby is Hyundai Motor’s second attempt to capture and deliver the product value and philosophy. Like the astonishing features helping and protecting Exobaby, Hyundai’s Smart Caring technologies including AHSS, BSD, LDWS, FCWS, SPAS and Smart Trunk wish to help your convenient, safe yet exciting driving.

Better safety through Smart Caring – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Discover Hyundai’s effort to support your safer driving experience with Smart Caring technology based on advanced IT technologies. Sneak view on blind spot detection(BSD), lane departure warning system(LDWS) and forward collision warning system(FCWS), some examples of Hyundai’s Smart Caring.

Body Rigidity – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Introducing Hyundai Motor’s evolving technology on body rigidity, key to drivability and ride-and-handling. Hyundai Motor actively utilizes Advanced High Strength Steel to enhance the basis of a car. Learn more about body rigidity responsible for ride and handling, noise, vibration, and stability.

Art & Technology: Richard Dupont – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Here are artists who gather and organize ideas drifting through machine technology, shaping their own perspective on machines. The first artist of the series, Richard Dupont ponders the notion of identity and individuality in contemporary society, notions that are affected by technology through 3D printing sculptures. Come and find more about Richard Dupont’s perspective on art and technology, criticizing tech through tech.