brilliant 30: Haejung Jung – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Meet and explorer Haejung Jung’s art world through with her words with . Haejung Jung pries and breaks conventional restrictions and rules of our society. Join Haejung Jung’s journey where she observes and explores ordinary streets and mundane spaces and turns it into her own code and art work.

Story on memories – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Introducing the fourth series of live brilliant, brilliant memories. Four short movie clips on how Hyundai and teams of artists turned part of your old, worn-out car into artworks, so that you can save the memories with the car forever. Now application…

HTRAC – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Introducing HTRAC, Hyundai’s unique AWD system that was first adapted in the new Genesis. Further evolved AWD system, the HTRAC variably controls the power on front and rear wheels according to road conditions and speed of the car.

Season 2 – 2014 Dream Society Xbrid – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Introduces Season 2 of Hyundai Motor’s The brilliant art project, Dream Society: Xbrid currently available at Seoul Museum from October 8th to November 16th. Through this Dream Society: Xbrid, various artists including Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Pablo Valbuena and Choi Wooram, delivers their creative perspective on ‘hybrid’ and progressiveness.

brilliant 30: Introduction – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Hyundai Motor introduces artists leading visual arts through <brilliant 30>. <brilliant 30>, the documentary art film project, talks about meaning and source of artists’ inspiration behind conception of their works. <brilliant 30> begins with 30 artists participating in <Tomorrow 2014> being held in DDP, Korea. Meet new artists and their art world every week.