Nam June Paik at Tate Modern – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Nam June Paik exhibition is the very first exhibition held together by Tate Modern and Hyundai Motor. Exhibiting 9 selected works among Nam June Paik’s works produced. This exhibtion will provide you exclusive introduction to Nam June Paik’s art world.

Story on Moment – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Hyundai with you at your most brilliant moments. Introduces Hyundai’s global campaign film on brilliant moments. Hyundai completes the moments with childrens’ laughter, and astonishing styles.

For Technology – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Innovation that stems from your needs, this is the human-centric technology that Hyundai Motor believes in. Providing smart care for customers – introducing Hyundai’s product identity.

Story on Life – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Hyundai, always with you in your brilliant life. Introducing Hyundai’s global campaign film on brilliant life. Hyundai accompanies you at your solitude, time with your friends, family, and loved ones.

Art World – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

As art continues to innovate we present a comprehensive overview of contemporary art in its pursuit of new perfection; everything from concept, performance, to technology.