brilliant 30: Seungho Yoo – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Meet and explore Seungho Yoo’s perspective on art and painting with his own voice. Seungho Yoo re-examines the relationship between language and text, and twits and alters their original shape, introducing the audience to a new perspective of modern painting. Witness what inspires Seungho Yoo.

For Design – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Adopting the attitude of sculpting something that never existed before; we achieved the most modern and artistic form. Introducing Hyundai’s design philosophy, Fluidic Sculpture.

MMCA Hyundai Motor Series – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Introducing MMCA Hyundai Motor Series, sponsored by MMCA and Hyundai Motor, which will continue for next 10 years. This series will provide top-level exhibition platform to those talented Korean artists so they can freely unfold their artistic spirit i…

brilliant 30: Osang Gwon – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Fourth series of ‘brilliant 30’ explores Osang Gwon’s unique combination of photography and sculpture. Osang Gwon’s ‘photographic sculpture’ series deliver his own image of the present day, the contemporary society, by creating collage from visual images of Gucci, Ungaro and Diesel advertisements. This exclusive interview highlights the inspiration, perspective, and future plans of Osang Gwon, who journeys on creating his unique world of photographic sculpture.