brilliant 30: Yoonkyung Park – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Meet and explorer Yoonkyung Park’s art world through with her words with <brilliant 30>. Yoonkyung Park experiments with the possibilities and expands the domain of painting by elevating such elements as color, line, and brush stroke to subject of painting. Find out Yoonkyung Park’s view of painting, and inspiration for her works.

With MMCA – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

MMCA, the homd of Korean modern art, partners with Hyundai Motor. From MMCA Hyundai Motor Series to sponsoring Gallery Art Zone, Hyundai and MMCA together are on their journey to expand the landscape of Korean modern art.

Hyundai Motorstudio – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Hyundai Motorstudio, the first to open among Hyundai’s brand spaces. With the opening of Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul, Motorstudios in hip cities to come will create new life styles centered around automobile.

brilliant cube – Hyundai Motor Brand Homepage

Introducing the brilliant cube installed on the M-stage at Gangnam station, and the renowned media artists who participated in the creation, Mok Jin Yo, Jussi Angesleva and Cassinelli Alvaro.