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Abraham Cruzvillegas is a conceptual artist born in Mexico City in 1968. As a sculptor and writer, Cruzvillegas works across diverse art forms, including, but not limited to sculpture, video, installation and painting. In the 20th century, Mexican conceptual artists such as Gabriel Orozco, Damián Ortega, Dr Lakra, Minerva Cuevas and Cruzvillegas were vigorously prolific, standing alongside the innovative Young British Artists. Among them, Cruzvillegas particularly stood out as a major figure who revitalized Latin American contemporary art. His work shares elements with the radical art movements found in Russian Avant-Garde artists such as Alexander Rodchenko and Kazimir Malevich. At the same time, he drew inspiration from the works of artists such as the American-born sculptor Jimmie Durham and David Hammons.

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