Dreaming of perfect summer vacation? Find out which vacation is the perfect fit for you!

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We all dream of the perfect vacation getaway. Some of us love to travel to foreign countries, sightseeing and touring around an unfamiliar land. Some enjoy just taking a break from everyday life, driving to the beach to soak up the sun. Others enjoy getting in touch with nature, where relaxation awaits. Whether your destination is the beach, the mountains, a night out in the city, or a road trip, here are a couple of tips to make your summer vacation all the more memorable with Kia.


Soak in the sun 

For those of you who want to cast your eyes upon an endless ocean, taking in the sound of the waves and the warm sand between your toes, there is nowhere better than the beach. Beach volleyball, a quick swim, surfing, laying out and soaking up the sun…the possibilities for fun under the sun are endless. All you need is a cooler, a pile of books you have been wanting to read, a surfboard, some sunscreen and a lot of enthusiasm!


Make sure you remember to prepare your car for the heat as well. Here are 7 summer car care tips for the summer heat. A day at the beach means getting all your gear there and what better way to get your travel companions there as well than the all-new Sorento! With up to 5-7 seating flexibility, a spacious interior to fit all of your necessities when heading to the beach, and AWD just in case you feel adventurous, go ahead and grab your keys, and get ready for the sun!



Kia Sorento

Indulge in fresh air in the mountains

There is nothing more refreshing than clean mountain air, and a trip to the mountains makes for the perfect vacation for experiencing nature up-close. Long hikes, a quick dive in a waterfall, exploring the endless variety of nature, and returning to a campsite with a campfire make for some unforgettable days away. For the demanding drive there, the Sportage just might be the perfect companion. The flex steer system and AWD lock will keep you safe on the winding roads to and from.




Night out in the city

When everyone else is at the beach or in the mountains, an empty urban landscape is perfect for those who want something a bit different this vacation. You can visit sightseeing attractions in the city and eat great food at a hip restaurant. A night out at the end of the day with friends and good music is the perfect way to relieve stress. And if you want to catch others’ attention, roll up to that hottest club in the luxurious Quoris (also known as K900 in the North American market). Its luxurious exterior and interior with finishing touches in real wood will definitely help you make a statement.


city night


Heading out on the road!

Our final vacation recommendation is an oldy but goody… road trip! Load up the car, grab the keys and get on the road! Some of our most unforgettable memories with friends and family are made in the car and on the road. When going on long trips make sure to have your car prepped before starting out (Here are Ten tips for long-distance driving and 5 tips for a successful road trip for you to consider before heading off on that trip).


When you’re going to drive for a long period of time, you want to make sure you have everything you need packed and available for you. You are going to need food, clothes, and extra car supplies as well. The Grand Carnival/Sedona is the perfect companion, especially if you are planning a road trip with your family or a large group. You will want plenty of space inside for everyone’s comfort. The Grand Carnival/Sedona is sure to satisfy your sense thanks to its award-winning design and premium comfort.


roadtrip (2)

2015 Sedona SX Limited

Whether it be the beach, the mountains, the city or an endless road, as long as you are with the ones you love and enjoying your time, we’re sure that in itself will make for a perfect vacation. There will be a lot of people traveling this summer, and we hope all our fans have a memorable and safe journey. Head on out to wherever it is your heart desires and enjoy the freedom of the road!

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