Zooming to the top! DYK racing team triumphs at the China Touring Car Championship

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The 11th annual China Touring Car Championship (CCTC), one of the world’s biggest car racing competitions watched by a billion fans in China, officially kicked off in May. After three rounds of fierce battles, the fourth of eight total rounds took place at the F1 racing circuit located in Yeongam, Korea. The DYK (Dongfeng Yueda Kia) Racing Team, the official racing team of Kia Motors China, competed with the K3S model developed at Kia’s Namyang R&D Center and has dominated the field so far, taking the top podium finish in the first and fourth rounds.



The K3S is a racing model designed exclusively for the CTCC. Based on the stylish Cerato (‘Forte’ in some markets), the K3S is equipped with Kia’s state-of-the-art 1.6L TGDI engine featuring just a few modifications to the mass production engine to deliver higher torque and output. Other technologies include a new intake manifold and exhaust manifold, as well as the Dry Sump System, which prevents the engine oil from running all to one side during sharp turns. The hard work of the DYK racing team, together with these outstanding technological features, has led the DYK Racing Team to victory!


DYK racing team

(DYK Racing Team members (left to right): Jim Gato, Lanny Lin, Zhang Zhi Quang and Ye Hong Li)



Over the first four CTCC rounds, the DYK Racing Team came in first place in the 1st round, second place in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and another first place finish in the 4th round. The results have been topnotch, and everyone is watching closely for what will happen in the final four rounds while hoping to see the DYK Racing Team take more victory laps!


0721_CTCC (5)

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