The all-new Grand Carnival Limousine elevates new luxury with Noble Klasse model

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All-new Grand Carnival Noble Klasse_1

The all-new Grand Kia Carnival, also known as ‘Sedona’ in some markets, is taking car tuning to a whole new level. Stepping foot inside The Noble Klasse Carnival, first presented at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show, is like stepping onto a luxurious yacht. Although this deluxe high-class limousine is not intended for production in volume, it offers a glimpse into just how far the minivan can go in its transformation into luxury!


Luxury at first sight

The very first thing you will notice about the Noble Klasse is its exterior tuning. The two-toned, black and brown exterior color scheme provides an even more luxurious feel than the original model, while the large wheels enhance the vehicle’s sporty and versatile look.


Grand Carnival Noble Klasse

Complete interior make-over featuring top-grade materials

The exterior is not the only thing that has been transformed. Maintaining the same spacious and roomy interior as the original model, the Noble Klasse received a completely revamped look with luxurious fabric and finishing materials. The natural leather seats and the quilted design amplify the sense of luxury. Check out the vanilla color leather seating, fancy to say the least!


Kia Carnival Noble Klasse Interior

Behind the the driver’s seat, a glass panel divides the compartment from the back passengers to provide complete privacy. The seats in the back have been totally redesigned, changing the original 9-seater vehicle into a 4-seater which adds an ample amount of rear passenger seating space.


All-new Grand Carnival Noble Klasse Interior

Kia Carnival Noble Klasse

Every detail is a pleasure to the eye

One of the most exciting things about the Noble Klasse Carnival is discovering the masterfully crafted finishing touches. Smart tech features have also been added to the vehicle, including a Limousine Infotainment System. An LTE router provides wireless internet from within the vehicle, and an HD monitor and USB outlets are a must for those whose lives demand constant connectivity.


All-new Kia Carnival

A shell-like finish embellishment inside the door

All-new Kia Carnival Noble Klasse

Limousine Infotainment System lets you stay connected and have complete control over the vehicle

All-new Kia Carnival Noble Klasse

Enjoying wireless Internet through the LTE router, watching live television in full HD quality, connecting to mobile phones and tablet PCs, conducting a multipoint video conference call – all possible with the Carnival’s advanced IT system


Kia Carnival built-in espresso machine

And THAT is not all. If you need a little perk up, you can pop your favorite flavor capsule into the built-in espresso machine!

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