Kia’s latest NVH technology for a better driving experience

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Silence isn’t golden. While car manufacturers have been focusing on producing quiet cars for a long time, they are now looking into making cars with “just the right amount of sound”. And in that respect, Kia’s NVH technology keeps on making progress.


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Did you know a car is typically composed of over 30,000 parts? The intricate network of components that go into a car, including the engine and chassis, generates noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), which altogether largely affect the driving sensation. At Kia, we have specialized R&D units such as our NVH2 Research Lab and Noise Vibration Development Team dedicated to minimizing uncomfortable noise and maximizing harmonious sounds with state-of-the-art sound technology. Here are two examples of such efforts.

ANC ASD Technology

Active Noise Control (ANC)

Just like how colors create new shades when blended, sounds also transform into new types of sounds when mixed together. Automatic active noise control technology effectively offsets unpleasant noises by sending out counter-waves after analyzing the wavelengths of internal noises. By adopting this advanced technology, we were able to decrease the number of noise prevention parts in many of our Kia models, which in turn contributes to weight reduction and improved fuel efficiency.


Active Sound Design (ASD)

Kia recently became the first in Korea to develop Active Sound Design, which enables drivers to select engine sound styles. ASD creates customized engine sounds by utilizing a build-in sound controller. Owners can choose from diverse sound settings, including regular, sporty, and quiet to enjoy a more personalized driving experience.


Stay tuned for more of Kia’s efforts to make better cars with optimized sound experiences!

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