The making of Kia Picanto’s digital campaign [Video]

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In celebration of the enhanced Kia Picanto, Kia Motors has launched a digital campaign to further entice and intrigue fans worldwide. The campaign, composed of five short micro films, captures the essence of the city car’s bold and vibrant personality. Check out the campaign videos and take a behind-the-scenes look into the campaign’s creative process!


One of the campaign’s creative concept sketches


The campaign essentially sought to highlight the Picanto’s improved premium features. Each of the five short films focuses on a noteworthy aspect of the enhanced Picanto, showcasing the car’s charm and appeal.


A screenshot from the campaign video


Staying true to the Picanto’s distinct personality, charming animated characters were created to tell a playful and engaging story by revealing a magical unexplored universe within the Picanto. The lively and spirited characters invite the audience to look inside and discover the delightful features of Kia’s globally popular city car.


Character sketches



Animation renderings of characters


The Picanto’s new digital campaign takes a fun and entertaining approach to expressing the Picanto’s tagline – All in Small – in an engaging and enjoyable way. We invite you to check out the full campaign film below and to explore the comprehensive features of the enhanced Picanto!



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