Kia paves the way for the future with the 2015 R&D IDEA Festival

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This year, Kia Motors in collaboration with Hyundai Motors, held the 6th annual R&D IDEA Festival. In adherence to Kia’s corporate philosophy, this year’s theme was ‘Journey Together to a Better Future.’ Read on to explore the wonderfully eccentric entries that reflect the brilliant imagination of our engineers!



The 10 finalists chosen from the March preliminaries showed off their inventions at the festival held at the Namyang R&D center. Despite being given only five months to develop, refine and perfect their ideas using a fixed budget and only allowed to spend time on their projects outside of working hours, the entries did not disappoint.


Prize winners



This fun car-band creation named U Can Concert was the grand prize winner of this year’s festival. With drum kits equipped in the driver’s seat and keyboard, electric guitar and bass in the passenger and back seats, the vehicle is truly a band on wheels.



Origine, a cylindrical vehicle with two massive wheels, was crowned the runner up. Providing a smooth and comfortable ride for the passenger, the vehicle was designed to easily navigate the terrains of the future.



Taking home the special judges’ award was the Electric Wheelchair. The system allows those without the use of their arms and legs to be able to navigate with the movement of their head. As it is a detachable module, any wheelchair can be transformed simply by mounting the system.


Childcare Innovations



Child-car is a multi-functioning vehicle designed for parents with children. The system features a backseat that transforms into an air-bag baby’s seat while allowing parents to monitor their children via a built-in monitor.



Another innovation for parents is the Electric Stroller. Carrying both parent and child, the smartphone-controlled motorized vehicle can also ferry an additional trailer for baggage.


Environmental/Conservation Inventions



The flying drone-like device called Life Zepplin enables water to be collected and distributed to a location in need.



Wafrica is a bicycle that functions as both a water purifying unit and a clothes washing machine. Powered by the pedals, the unit allows for washing chores to be done on-the-go.



Solar Dream is a compact car, van and scooter built into one solar-powered unit. The multi-functioning device was built with developing countries in mind as a useful mode of transportation for different situations.


Virtual Reality Exploration



Avatar Drive is a system that controls cars using a virtual reality headset, allowing a ‘driver’ at home to transport a vehicle without being physically present in the car itself.



With a specialized headpiece, Driving Expansion allows users to explore virtual and augmented reality when driving. This technology can be useful for practicing or learning how to drive.



Since 2010, the R&D IDEA Festival has been a joint effort by Kia and Hyundai to inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. True to form, the event allows engineers to explore and realize their wildest ideas.

The winning entries will be on display at various events to celebrate the brilliant ideas that are born at Kia. As we continue to nurture and inspire talent with the R&D IDEA festival, we look forward to further success in bringing our worldwide fans better vehicles for the future!

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