Kia Motors America evokes pure wanderlust at the 2015 SEMA Show [Video]

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On the opening day of the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Kia Motors America (KMA) grabbed the spotlight with six customized cars that evoked a unique American wanderlust. Showcasing the cultural diversity of the American regional landscape, the concept cars captured the essence of an all-American adventure. Check out the videos and explore the designs that KMA brought to this year’s show!



A1A Optima: Inspired by the Sunshine State


A1A Optima


The A1A Optima takes its inspiration from the scenic A1A highway that runs along the coast of Florida. To suit the vibrant scenery and laid-back lifestyle of the Sunshine state, the all-new Optima was extensively transformed into an eye-catching convertible. With a shimmering turquoise exterior, supple creamy leather interior and striking silver accents, the A1A Optima is a highly stylish roadster.


A1A Optima

A1A Optima


The rear-hinge doors also add a unique and whimsical touch to the car. Equipped with steel reinforcements and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the vehicle is as powerful and road-trip ready as it is beautiful.


PacWest Adventure Sorento: Embodiment of the Pacific Northwest


Pacwest Adventure Sorento


The PacWest Adventure Sorento, furnished with features to safely and comfortably transport passengers through the vast and rugged forest, is a relaxed but intricate creation.


Pacwest Adventure Sorento


LED light bars, a modified undercarriage and new bumpers are among the many features that gives the model unbridled mobility and visual toughness. An elaborate paint scheme of neutral and electric green hues gives the vehicle a chameleon effect that is perfectly paired with the outdoors.


Pacwest Adventure Sorento


The custom painted dash and door inserts and the embroidered leather interior are artful touches to the sturdy and sporty off-roader.


Photo Safari Sedona: Companion through the Scenic Northeast


Photo Safari Sedona


Flaunting the combinations of vivid hues and earth tones that are reminiscent of fall foliage, the Photo Safari Sedona is a capable and talented multi-purpose vehicle. The eight passenger van has been transformed into a two-seat photo studio, complete with camera mounting racks, LED lights and a vehicle height adjusting suspension system.




Furthermore, the interior of the vehicle is furnished with a handcrafted walnut desk, state-of-the art iMac computer and powerful military grade battery that will keep the studio running without having to start the car engine. The sophisticated off-roader allows for shooting and editing on-the-go through the lush and wondrous landscape of the northeast.


Forte Koup Mud Bogger: The Epitome of Southern Fun




Intended for the popular mud bogging (or mud racing) that originated in the South in the 1970’s, the Forte Koup Mud Bogger has been built to suit dirty, off-road kinds of fun. In order to tackle extreme terrains, the Koup is equipped with large 28-inch wheels, fortified fenders and a hand built roll cage.




In addition to the external upgrades, the car seats have been replaced with strap-in harnesses and the interior of the car has been treated with protective coating so as to not let the dirty fun ruin the beautiful aesthetics of the vehicle. The white, red and sapphire blue color scheme allows the vehicle to shine lustrous and vibrant as it pounds though the sludge and mud.




Ballast Point Sedona: A Californian Brewery on Wheels


Ballast Point Sedona


Previously featured at the 2014 SEMA Show, the Ballast Point Sedona, created in partnership with Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits, made a comeback this year with a brand new design to reflect the geographical location in which the brewery is based.


Ballast Point Sedona


Designed for the fullest enjoyment of handcrafted beers, the Sedona features a mahogany flip-top roof and a fold-down bar that opens 90 degrees. The vehicle also boasts two fully functioning taps with up to four half-barrel kegs of frosty beer stored in the front and back passenger compartments.


Trail’ster: Powerful Trekker of the Rocky Mountains




The Trail’ster, introduced at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show earlier this year, also made an appearance at this year’s SEMA show. Built to navigate the rough terrains of the Rocky Mountains, the vehicle boasts an efficient and lightweight all-wheel drive system.


Trail'ster Concept


While the car’s exterior parallels the metallic hue of snow for which it is designed to withstand, its interior emulates the soft, warm colors of dirt roads. Red accents add an interesting contrast, highlighting the sophisticated and functional design of this high-performance vehicle intended to suit a mountainous lifestyle.


Trail'ster Concept


The six custom vehicles designed and created in partnership with Lux Motorwerks and LGE-CTS Motorsports, embrace and highlight the spirit of wanderlust and adventure of the diverse American terrains. The concept cars tickle our imagination of the open road and showcase Kia’s talents in creating beautifully designed, high-tech and specialized vehicles suited for every lifestyle.

What do you think of the designs? Which one is your favorite?

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