Kia Rio digital campaign – captivating stories of the talented subcompact

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Alongside the campaign for the Picanto, Kia Motors has launched a digital campaign to highlight the premium features of the enhanced Kia Rio. This new series of microfilms draws attention to the subcompact in a resonating and entertaining way, emphasizing the vehicle’s confident and sporty style.



Production sketches and renderings of the Rio


With the tagline – A Talented Compact – the Kia Rio boasts distinctive features that provide a dynamic, convenient and stylish ride. The microfilms illustrate these characteristics through the portrayal of the subcompact sedan as a vast universe waiting to be explored by a diverse and fascinating array of characters.



Diverse characters of the Rio universe


Each of the characters, born through lengthy production sketches and countless hours of brainstorming, bring focus to the dynamic design and state-of-the-art enhancements that make the subcompact a talented vehicle. As the miniature people navigate the Rio universe, their stories reveal that the subcompact is an ideal urban car with dynamic styling



The digital campaign for the Kia Rio captures the vehicle’s sporty, smart and strong personality. Check out all of the microfilms from the campaign below and prepare to be amazed by the captivating stories of the talented subcompact.



▶ Adventures of the enhanced Kia Rio hatchback

▶ Learn more about the enhanced Kia Rio



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