Super Racer Enzy: Presenting Kia’s larger-than-life brand ambassadors

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As a way of connecting with young fans around the globe, Kia Motors has brought life to a team of animated cartoon characters. Say hello to the lovable engine monster Enzy and his friends!




Enzy and his friends, Razy, Aqu, Tory and Laito, have been a great resource for bonding with children and family audiences. Since their conception in 2013, the crew has served as mascots in a range of international promotional events as well as a traffic safety education campaign for children. In their own way, Enzy and friends act as Kia brand ambassadors for the next generation car owners.


 Learn more about Enzy and friends!



From Left: Razy, Enzy, Tory, Laito (top) and Aqu (bottom)

In September, Kia released an animation feature film titled ‘Super Racer Enzy.’ The movie told the story of Enzy, the pizza delivery boy in the small town of Mt. Doodle, and his friends in their quest to become car racing champions. The story of is one of growth and success as the characters struggle against rivals and challenges, an inspirational coming-of-age story about friendship, optimism, and hard work.



‘Super Racer Enzy’ premiered on over 100 screens in Korea and was the first of its kind to be developed and produced by an automotive brand. Kia Motors also plans to bring the movie to worldwide audiences through various channels.




Enzy’s team have been unique and effective tools in engaging young audiences and fostering their interest in cars. What do you think of Enzy and his friends? View the trailer and get excited for more stories from the crew!


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