Kia Motors surpasses 15 million units in total exports!

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We are proud to announce that upon the 40th anniversary of our first overseas export, Kia has surpassed the milestone of 15 million units in total exports! This impressive feat highlights the growing popularity of the Kia brand as it continues to bring vehicles with world-class technology, premium features, and exceptional performance to consumers worldwide.



Among the Kia line-up of vehicles, the Rio was crowned the number one exported model with 2.23 million units shipped. The Sportage took second place with 1.57 million units and the Picanto and Sorento followed with 1.43 million and 1.08 million vehicles, respectively.



Sportage (top left), Rio (top right), Picanto (bottom left), Sorento (bottom right)

The regional breakdown revealed that 6.03 million vehicles were shipped to North America, 3.35 million to Europe and 2.52 million to Middle East & Africa. The Central & South American region (including the Caribbean) recorded 1.71 million and Asia Pacific, 1.29 million. The 15 millionth vehicle itself was received in the United Arab Emirates.



Kia Motors is currently working hard to meet the growing worldwide demand for our vehicles by operating four manufacturing plants in South Korea and overseas manufacturing facilities in United States, Slovakia, China and most recently, Mexico.



With this tremendous achievement, Kia wholeheartedly thanks its worldwide fans for their interest and support. We look forward to greater success and setting milestones in the months and years ahead!

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