Kia’s 2020 Road map – Innovations for the future

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Following the exciting reveal of the all-new Niro, Kia Motors has launched an ambitious plan for the advancement of a series of automotive technologies. Read on to find out about the innovations that lie ahead on Kia’s 2020 road map!




Expansion of Green Car Technology

With an extensive five-year plan for the development of environmental friendly automotive technologies, Kia Motors aspires to be a leader in the low emission car market by 2020. These plans will help Kia achieve its goal of raising corporate fuel efficiency levels by 25%.

A generous investment of 11.3 trillion won (US$10.2 billion) by Kia’s parent company, the Hyundai Motor Group, will be dedicated to the development of new vehicles and facilities with decreased CO2 emissions. This investment is estimated to create more than 7,300 new jobs in research and design and numerous others in overseas production facilities.




Kia also plans to increase investments in the research and development of fuel-efficient technologies to offer a wider range of eco-friendly products for the global markets. Kia’s green car line-up is expected to grow from four to eleven models by 2020, all featuring environmentally-friendly powertrains from hybrid and plug-in hybrids to battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.

In particular, Kia is targeting a 2020 launch for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles featuring next-generation hydrogen fuel stack technology. As the demand for fuel cell vehicles (FCEV) is expected to increase, Kia, along with 300 partner companies, will strive to satisfy this global need.


Hybrid future for the next-generation Optima

Alongside the Niro, the first model to incorporate Kia’s 2020 vision for eco-friendly cars is the Optima. The next-generation model, which is scheduled for global release next year, will offer both hybrid-electric (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) power options.




Following its predecessor, the next-generation Optima Hybrid will feature an upgraded hybrid powertrain that is expected to boost fuel economy by 10%. With a larger battery pack, powerful electric motor and improved transmission, the new model boasts impressive performance and responsivity that is a substantial improvement over the current model.

The Optima PHEV will be the first plug-in vehicle from Kia to go on sale in the global markets. With increased battery capacity and pure electric range, the Optima PHEV will offer a blend of electric and internal combustion power, resulting in high-level performance.




The Optima HEV and PHEV also possess distinctive stylistic details that differentiate them from others models in the Optima range, featuring silver accents and a metallic blue finish on the rear bumper, grille and wheel arches as well as special “EcoHybrid’ and ‘EcoPlugin’ badges.


Introducing Autonomous Driving Technology




Kia Motors has also announced investment in the development of new autonomous driving technologies with the aim of introducing a range of partially-autonomous driving technologies by 2020 and fully-autonomous vehicles in the market by 2030.

With Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) development still in its early stages, the Hyundai Motor Group has made an initial investment of US$2 billion for extensive research and rigorous testing. The new range of ADAS functions currently in development will offer safe and easier driving for passengers and aid in situations such as maintaining safe distances from cars, safely overtaking other vehicles on the road, navigating traffic jams and parking.

These new technologies will join the range of features already in existing Kia vehicles including the Sorento, and the soon-to-be-launched Optima and Sportage. In developing vehicles of high precision and sensitivity that communicate with their surroundings to detect and circumvent hazards, Kia seeks to enable a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for its car owners.




With this exciting new 2020 road map, Kia strives to become a global leader in advanced automotive technologies and deliver premium products of the highest quality and standards. Stay tuned for future developments as we uphold our promise to bring inspiring designs and innovations that surprise the world.

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