Kia’s Green Light Project – the light of hope for communities in need

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As a global organization that believes in the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR), Kia Motors is always looking for ways to reach out and contribute to local communities. One of our biggest endeavors is the Green Light Project, a program dedicated to turning on the ‘green light’ of hope for those in need.




Since 2012, the Green Light Project has been providing much-needed resources to improve the quality of life of individuals residing in developing regions of Africa. With the goal of aiding those areas in becoming self-reliant communities, Kia has contributed by building schools and medical centers and providing transportation vehicles to promote mobility for residents.




This year, the third group of Kia employee volunteers returned to Southeast Africa to participate in ongoing community outreach. In the Salima district of Malawi, the GLP volunteer group launched a new mobility program, bringing a mobile clinic and library to an area with limited access to medical care, education and transportation.




In addition to the school buses and transport vehicles previously provided by Kia, the program reinforces the brand’s promise of providing increased mobility to the world with its high quality vehicles.




With ongoing and active CSR efforts in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozabique and Ethiopia, Kia has plans to continue to build and implement strategies that will empower individual residents and strengthen local communities to achieve the goal of self-sustainability and financial independence in the region.




As Kia continues to grow as a worldwide brand, we are committed to social responsibility and ethical business practices that are befitting of a global corporation. In 2016, Kia Motors plans to continue to build and support the self-sustainability of the GLP regions and expand the campaigns further to areas in Asia and South America.

Watch the video of our Malawi trip below and stay tuned for more news from the Green Light Project!



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