Prepare your ride for the spring!

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The days are finally warming up and, as we leave behind the cold clutches of winter, it’s time to patch up the wear and tear of the passing season. Here are a few basic car maintenance tips that will better prepare your Kia for the adventures and excitement amidst the luscious spring weather!


1) Let your colors shine




The wet slush of winter as well as the salt used to defrost icy roads can cause damage to your car’s exterior. Your first priority should be to clean your car and wash away the accumulated grime that harms the paint job and causes rust on the undercarriage. A thorough hand washing will get to those hard to reach cracks and crevices that an automated car wash may not be able to reach.


2) Lose weight




During the cold months, it is easy to let your car pile up with junk and garbage. When the weather warms up, take the time to declutter the interior and remove unnecessary items you may have accumulated during the winter season. Swapping out the heavy winter floor mats and freeing up cabin space will help reduce cargo weight and do wonders for your car’s gas mileage in the long run.


3) Breathe easier




Check your engine and cabin filters. Replacing your filters regularly is important as they trap harmful airborne particles such as pollen and allergens. Making sure your filters are in good working condition, especially in the spring, may alleviate dreadful seasonal allergies that are prevalent this time of year.


4) Say ‘yes’ to protection




To combat the swift (albeit much welcomed) change in weather, you should also protect your car from UV sunlight rays. After a wash, give your car a good wax job and apply protective products to your dashboard.




After weathering the harsh conditions of winter, your car windows may need some special attention as well. Clean your windows using a high quality window cleaner and wipe down the interior glass using an anti-fogging agent.


5) Check the B’s

Remember your three B’s: Battery, Brakes, Blades. The winter weather puts stress on all of these components as they have to work extra hard to perform in the cold. Proactive measures will be cheaper and more convenient than an unexpected and unplanned breakdown down the road.




If it takes a few seconds to start your car or your battery is more than three years old, it is a good idea to get your batteries tested and possibly replaced. Before any long drives or road trips, make sure the brakes are in good working order as well.




Inspect all brake system components including hoses, lines, fluids and pads to make sure they aren’t worn and sluggish. If your wiper blades are worn from the snow and sleet, they will make a squeaking noise across the windshield. Replace your blades before the spring showers and keep extra replacements handy for future use.




Remember these tips when preparing your car for exciting spring adventures. We at Kia Motors wish you warm and fulfilling spring journeys ahead!

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