Which car for your lifestyle?

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Always seeking new ways to cater to our global customers, Kia Motors boasts a wide and comprehensive model range designed to meet the different needs of our consumers. With thoughtful planning and design, we bring to life vehicles that are at once practical and aesthetically pleasing. Each model in our vehicle line-up is functional, versatile and fine-tuned for a variety of situations. Read on to find out which car best suits your lifestyle!


Sorento: for the family man




This 7-seater SUV is for the family oriented, adventurous type. Suitable for both the rough outdoors and sleek city driving, the Kia Sorento, equipped with the Dynamax™ AWD system, displays impressive power and performance, making it the perfect getaway vehicle.


2016 Sorento SXL


The elegant exterior, spacious cabin and class-leading safety features make the Sorento a wildly popular family-friendly model in our vehicle line-up. As a consecutive winner of numerous Car of the Year awards, this finely crafted SUV continues to entice adventure-seekers with the promise of thrill and excitement.


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Optima: for the style conscious



Boosted by innovative technology and captivating design, the Kia Optima is a promising choice for trendy and stylish drivers. The sleek, aerodynamic body with soft and supple interior lining make this midsize sedan the most confident and eye-catching among its competition. Now also available with a hybrid powertrain, with a plug-in hybrid version to be introduced next year, the Optima family is the hallmark of style and technical sophistication, well suited for conscientious trendsetters.


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Quoris: for the luxury-oriented


2016 K900


Quoris (K900), our exquisitely crafted luxury sedan, provides the ultimate driving experience for those who seek high-end comfort. The model features one of the most spacious cabins in the segment and is finished with materials of the highest quality. The sweeping lines of its silhouette add to its elegant simplicity and understated classiness.




Alongside its exceptional performance on the road, the Quoris provides a smooth and silent ride with an insulated cabin and ventilated seating. The luxury sedan is a comfortable sanctuary for those who make luxury and relaxation their number one priority.


Picanto: for the young at heart




Compact and practical, the Kia Picanto appeals to urbanites as the ultimate city car. While it is the smallest model in Kia’s line-up, the Picanto has no shortcomings in terms of utility and function. Despite its size, the Picanto offers a wide breadth of convenient features and technologies – many of them fitted for the first time on a vehicle of this size. Fun and perky on the outside, mature and refined within, the Picanto is a great urban companion for those who like to make a colorful statement.




Here at Kia Motors, we aim to bring beautiful vehicles to life that satisfy consumers worldwide. Fun, elegant, stylish and powerful. What do you think? Which car best fits your lifestyle?

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