Kia shows off cutting edge eco-technology at the Mexico manufacturing plant

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The conclusion of construction at the manufacturing plant in Pesquería, Nuevo León, Mexico late last year was met with great excitement as the facility marks many groundbreaking moments for Kia Motors. Not only was the 300,000-unit annual capacity plant constructed in the fastest time ever for any Kia production facility, it is also the company’s first ever to be built in the Latin American region and is expected to provide significant social and economic benefits to Mexico and the surrounding areas.

Moreover, Kia’s Mexico manufacturing plant boasts state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing systems that make it one of the most environmentally-friendly automotive manufacturing plants in the region. Read on to find out more about the environmental and energy conservation efforts that are taking place at our newest production complex.




Complying fully with Mexico’s environmental regulations, Kia utilizes technology such as the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), a system that treats industrial emissions, to ease the brand’s environmental impact in the area. With strict emissions monitoring, we aim to ensure the highest environmental standards during the manufacturing process of our vehicles.

LED light sources have been installed within and around the complex to avoid excessive energy consumption, while the walls and windows of the buildings are treated with thermal insulation materials to reduce heat loss and conserve energy.

Taking advantage of the plant’s location and surrounding terrain, a solar station has been constructed near the plant which generates up to 122 KW of electricity hourly to power the facility’s waste water treatment system.




Notably, the plant’s paint shop is one of the cleanest in Mexico. Utilizing advanced technology, Kia works to minimize harmful paint chemicals and maximize the use of environmentally friendly materials in the process.

Following strict environmental regulations and guidelines, Kia Motors seeks to obtain the ISO 14001: 2015 certification to demonstrate the full integration of environmental management systems with our business practices. Furthermore, Kia is taking proactive measures in the local region to do our part in actively contributing to environmental conservation efforts by working with local businesses, participating in community-wide environmental education programs and supporting reforestation projects.




With the combination of thoughtful business practices and cutting-edge technology, Kia hopes to continue making a name as an ethical global corporation and reputable green brand.


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