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The Optima is one of the Kia’s most popular and best-selling models worldwide. So what makes more sense than a magazine that reveals everything there is to know about Kia’s prize-winning midsize sedan?




The Optima Magazine, launched just last month, features stunning visuals and intriguing stories about the Optima. Showcasing the new design features and performance enhancements, the interactive digital magazine invites global readers to explore and rediscover the fourth generation Kia Optima. Insightful stories behind the model’s conception and creation are also revealed for the first time.




In ten elaborate issues, the new Optima Magazine provides an all-inclusive look at the beauty and prowess of our newest midsize sedan. Loaded with interesting facts and never-before-seen footage, the magazine serves as a comprehensive information hub for fans that are curious and intrigued by the all-new Kia Optima.


[Issue No.1 : OPTIMA MAGAZINE]See the interactive digital magazine of the ‘OPTIMA MAGAZINE’,featuring all the fascinating stories and visuals of the All-New Optima.

Kia Motors Worldwide에 의해 게시 됨 2016년 3월 17일 목요일


Enjoy the video above and don’t forget to check out the Optima Magazine, the newest lifestyle creation from Kia Motors!



Visit the Optima Magazine here!


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