Autonomous driving? Let’s call it ‘wise’ driving!

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Fighting your way through a congested roadway or trying to remain calm around aggressive drivers on the highway can be stressful and even traumatic. And when you finally arrive at your destination, there’s always the nightmare of parking!

But what if your vehicle is ‘wise’ enough to automatically slow, stop, and start on a busy road? Or recognize and safely avoid nearby obstacles? Or help you magically slide into those narrow parking spaces? Needless to say, driving would be nothing short of delightful.

Last January, to provide drivers with such a pleasant yet safe driving experience, Kia Motors introduced DRIVE WiSE at the 2016 CES. Designed to vitalize next-generation smart cars, Kia’s DRIVE WiSE sub-brand encompasses Kia’s current and future ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technologies, providing drivers with greater assistance in terms of driving, parking and visibility.

Find out more about Kia’s state-of-the-art ADAS technologies as Kia Buzz takes you on a road trip with DRIVE WiSE!


Driving Assist

Driving Assist technologies ensure convenient, safe and ‘wise’ urban and highway driving. Whether you are inching through heavy congestion or zipping down the highway, the key features of Driving Assist help make driving easy, enjoyable, and most importantly, accident-free.



Parking Assist

Parking Assist incorporates functions that monitor your surroundings with cameras and sensors to help you park confidently. With the Parking Assist features, you can show off your forward, reverse or parallel parking skills in tight spaces without a scratch!



Visibility Assist

There is nothing more important than a clean line of sight while driving. DRIVE WiSE Visibility Assist features work to guarantee the best possible field of vision during low visibility conditions, to ensure safe driving for all those on the road.



These innovative functions will help future drivers anticipate and react to changing road conditions and hazards, thus making your road trip hassle-free, enjoyable and even entertaining! With the newest advanced driver assistance features, we encourage you to drive safe and DRIVE WiSE with Kia.

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