Cars to life: Making intelligent vehicles a reality

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As our live become increasingly digital, it’s only natural that our cars will as well.

Kia Motors and our parent company, the Hyundai Motor Group, are working to revolutionize the driving experience by offering full-fledged “connected car” technology in the near future. According to industry experts, the connected car may be THE most compelling innovation of the automotive industry since the advent of the automobile itself!




What exactly do we mean by connected car? Connected car refers to a vehicle that is connected to the internet via a cloud server to create and share information with its surroundings. Utilizing the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Kia intends to bring vehicles to the center of our lives by making today’s already smart cars even more intelligent.


From smart to smarter




With the announcement of self-driving autonomous vehicles earlier this year, Kia seeks to go above and beyond current autonomous and smart car technologies. In partnership with leading global IT businesses, we plan to make our ultimate goal, the ‘hyper-connected and intelligent car,’ a reality.

Kia will focus on developing an in-vehicle network and additional core infrastructures that will facilitate interactive communication. Vehicles will not only be able to receive external information (as many do now) but communicate outwardly as well, with other cars, buildings and cities. This two-way connectivity will ultimately transform the connected car into a hub of infinite knowledge, significantly enhancing the lives of drivers and passengers. In other words, Kia will connect cars to life.




The ‘Car to Life’ roadmap

In addition to developing our corporate Cloud Center, Kia and Hyundai will dedicate efforts to four main service fields that will optimize the processing and transmission of smart information. Development will focus on ensuring safety, security and speed for this data flow for the key features.

Smart Remote Maintenance Service will remotely diagnose and fix vehicle issues even before they are apparent to the driver. The connected car will generate prognostic data that will predict car problems, better allowing drivers to maintain and repair their cars.

 Autonomous driving will provide the utmost in safety by connecting a vehicle to city and road infrastructures. New connected car technology will enable cars to send drivers alerts on the road for safer driving. As the first step for autonomous technology, Kia has already launched the DRIVE WiSE sub-brand, encompassing the company’s advanced driving assistance features.




Smart Traffic will reduce congestion and travel time by considering traffic and road conditions. Connected cars will provide assistance in real time by communicating with nearby surroundings to reroute and speed up journeys.

The Mobility Hub provided security and data management for the connected car, featuring strong computing powers that allow smarter vehicle and daily life interactions. Smarter interactions makes for a safer and more convenient driving experience for everyone involved.




Sounds exciting doesn’t it? With this exciting endeavor, Kia Motors is sure to open up a new era of automobile lifestyle. So stay tuned as Kia turns your wildest technological fantasies into full-fledged reality!

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