The world needs more Peace, Love, Hamsters and Soul

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Our furry friends are back, and they’re bringing all the musicians to the yard!

Whether it is partying to Maroon 5 or working out to Lady Gaga, our advertising campaigns in the US with the Kia Hamsters have always featured a catchy tune. This time our mascots are shaking it up and bringing an entirely different kind of song – an inspirational track that we like to call the ‘Soul Jam’.



Previous Kia Hamster campaigns – “Fully Charged” (top) and “Totally Transformed” (bottom)

In the 2016 spot for the Kia Soul titled “The World Needs More Soul”, the hamsters reinterpret the classic song “Dueling Banjos” with American musician Nathaniel Rateliff in an enthusiastic jam session that urges musicians all over the city to join in. Jamming and dancing with each other around the Kia Soul, the urban citizens from different cultures and musical backgrounds come together to enjoy the moment and the music.



Featuring over 30 different instruments from all over the world, this year’s Kia Hamster campaign may be one of Kia’s most ambitious yet. Nearly 3,000 hours of computer generated imagery (CGI) work took place for realistic renderings of our furry mascots and Kia even sought out the help of ethnomusicologist Dr. Steven Loza for an authentic curation of the ‘Soul Jam.



The result is a refreshing and heartwarming universal collaboration that will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet along with the beat. The infectious and refreshing composition of this year’s campaign perfectly captures the perky and funky personality of our boxy car and, we have to admit, the world may be just a little bit better with peace, love, hamsters and the Kia Soul.



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