From polo to surfing, Kia’s ode to niche sports

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It’s no surprise that sports spark passion and excitement. More than anything, they bring together fans from around the world to share and celebrate their love for athletics. This is why Kia Motors has been actively supporting sporting events, including some unique and less prevalent sports, all throughout the world.

Today Kia BUZZ takes you on a tour around the globe to introduce sponsorship activities by local Kia distributors that are unique to each nation!


Kia Argentina Takes on the Action-Packed World of Polo





Polo is an incredibly popular sport in Argentina, with matches attracting huge crowds of more than 30,000 spectators. Furthering the excitement about this delightful horseback sport, Kia Motors Argentina recently announced a new partnership for the 2016-2017 season with La Aguada’s Novillo Astrada polo team – one of the best polo teams in the world.



The Novillo Astrada team, formed mostly by brothers of the Novillo Astrada family, will be provided with newly launched SUVs, the Kia Sportage and Sorento. Under the title #FamilyIsBack, Kia will see to it that each member of the family has the opportunity to enjoy their very own Kia.




With more than 60 years of history, La Aguada’s Novillo Astrada team embraces polo at all levels and Kia is looking forward to conquering tournaments with the prestigious team this season. So stay tuned as Kia showcases the coming action and successes of the beloved La Aguada team!


Kia UK’s Love for Cricket





Since 2011, Kia Motors UK has enjoyed exclusive naming rights to the historical Oval cricket grounds – now called the Kia Oval – and has provided regular entertainment for audiences visiting the pavilion. Each year, cricket fans in England also participate in the famous ‘Kia Catch’ event for their chance to win £1,000 by successfully catching flyaway balls in the stands during the Surrey T20 home games.




Kia also recently announced its plans to extend the official sponsorship of the England women’s cricket team. With this newly extended partnership, Kia will provide the England women’s team with new Kia Sportage vehicles for use during home and international matches. Come this summer, Kia will also be title sponsors of the first ever Kia Super League, and the brand has big plans to further strengthen our commitment to the sport of cricket.


Kia Sweden Fosters Paralympic Dreams

Applauding the passion and magnificent feats of Paralympians, Kia Sweden has been supporting the Swedish Special Olympics Team since 2012. Each year, Kia grants the Kia Gold Scholarship to Paralympic hopefuls to help athletes realize their full potential. “Getting the scholarship is confirmation that you believe in me and my ability,” remarked Joakim Norberg, pistol shooting champion and 2015 Kia Gold Fellow.



The 2015 Kia Gold Scholarship Fellows:

Joakim Norberg, pistol shooting; Per Jonsson, athletics;

Martin Pour, shooting; Stefan Olsson, tennis; Alexander Öhgren, table tennis


Together with Kia, Sweden’s Paralympic athletes will focus on competing for the gold at the 2016 Summer Paralympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We hope that our support will bring these athletes one step closer to their dreams of becoming Paralympic champions!


Kia Portugal Rides the Waves

Portugal is known to have some of the best waves in Europe and Kia Portugal definitely does not miss out on riding the waters. Year after year, Kia has been heavily involved in surfing events in Portugal, bringing together some of the best international wave riders for exciting competitions on the sand and surf.




Kia Portugal also sponsors 20-year-old Miguel Blanco, who is already considered one of the world’s most outstanding and promising surfers. As a Kia brand ambassador, Miguel is accompanied by the Kia cee’d when he represents Kia and Portugal at surfing events throughout the year.


Kia’s Continued Commitment to Sports

By supporting interesting and unique niche sports all over the world, Kia continues to express its love for competitive passion and impressive human achievements. Stay tuned as Kia continues to demonstrate our commitment to international sporting events!

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