Chasing adventure with the all-new Sportage

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#BornToDare – A Daring Step Forward



Kia Motors recently teamed up with influential athletes to create a series of sports lifestyle films. Capturing the all-new Sportage in the lush and open landscape of Peru, the film series tells an emotionally moving story and captures precious moments of three unique athletes in action.




The Sportage serves as a companion on the adventures for the athlete heroes and heroine. Needless to say, Kia’s prize-winning SUV fits right into the natural scenery, providing impressive performance and driving comfort for our on-the-road partners.


Sportage X Slade Prestwich: A Tranquil Escape



Slade Prestwich, professional surfer and South African native, is an up and coming star in the international surfing community. We worked to capture Slade’s determination and passion as he went on a solo journey, stopping to surf at least once a day, no matter the weather conditions.



Slade reflects on his solo adventure



Greeting the evening with the Sportage


Driving down the serene landscapes of the Peruvian desert and surfing the coastline, this spontaneous and carefree adventure with Slade captures the freedom of the open road and the sheer beauty of riding unpredictable waves. The Sportage serves as a travel partner, offering silent support and assistance to Slade as he makes this spiritual and soulful journey.



Sportage X James Kelly: A Fearless Mission



James grabs onto the Sportage for a spontaneous shot


James Kelly is a fearless downhill skater from California and a the distinguished winner of the prestigious 2012 IGSA World Championships. A much respected figure and well as the holder of one of the biggest social profiles in the downhill skateboarding community, he thrills fans by sharing pieces of his mind-blowing adventures on social media accounts. With the Sportage as a companion, James’ quest consists of skateboarding down the Cusco mountain region of Peru at highway speeds.


Downtime during shoot. Skate photos soon 😆 #BorntoDare

James Kelly(@jameskelly_shm)님이 게시한 사진님,


This rarely attempted skating feat is captured in a dynamic and upbeat film that showcases the breathtaking landscape of the Peruvian mountains. Unstoppable under any condition, James and his friends sped down the winding roads through rain or shine, day and night.



Setting up the Sportage for filming



Team stops to enjoy the magnificent view


The Sportage is an energetic companion in this fun and exhilarating journey – often providing filming assistance, guidance on the night roads and even momentum for the athletes. With the Kia Sportage loaded with resources, James and his team conquer the winding course only stopping to enjoy the beautiful views.



Sportage X Landie Greyling: A Groundbreaking Challenge



Landie prepares for the trail ahead


Landie Greyling is a South African ultra trail runner who likes to describe the trail as her playground. With numerous wins and international records, this renowned endurance athlete participates in extreme trail running competitions around the world. Teaming up with Kia, Landie traveled to Peru as a personal challenge to take part in a new trail running adventure.


Another day out scouting Peru with @silverbullet_za & @landiegreyling. #Kia #Sportage #BornToDare.

Craig Kolesky(@craigkolesky)님이 게시한 사진님,


Landie was accompanied by extreme sports photographer Craig Kolesky, who documented her journey through Peru. The Kia Sportage provided assistance in carrying travel and photography equipment as Craig moved from location to location capturing Landie’s incredible moments. At the end of each day, Craig and Landie set up tents to spend the night and prepare for the following morning’s challenge.



Craig captures Landie’s moments on tough terrain



Landie and Craig’s camping site


In addition to Landie’s challenge, this film focused on the beautiful and vast nature of Peru. From dawn to dusk, Landie and Craig trekked through difficult landscapes and broke new ground to achieve their personal goals. The resulting film displays the pure harmony of the Peruvian terrain, people and the Sportage, and serves as an appreciative homage to nature.



These sports lifestyle films, created in collaboration with Kia Peru, seek to display the dynamically daring moments that come with the Kia Sportage. Capturing these unique and spontaneous moments, Kia hopes to stimulate the adventure genes in our worldwide audience. Enjoy the films for the all-new Sportage and look out for more adventurous surprises brought to you by Kia.



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