Step inside the luxury of the Kia Quoris

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As Kia’s signature flagship sedan, the Kia Quoris (K900) has been challenging traditional conventions of luxury since its initial launch in 2013. Futuristic and simple but full of luxurious elements, the Quoris is attracting customers worldwide with an elegance befitting its title as Kia’s top-tier premium sedan. Join Kia BUZZ as we reveal the enticing features of the Quoris.


Captivating Exterior




The body of the Kia Quoris boasts superb craftsmanship and features a strong stance and balanced proportions, brought together with clean, smooth lines. This combination, further accented with a long hood, large wheels, and sweeping shoulders, gives the sedan the feeling of luxurious power and dignity. The elegant style of the Quoris is further accented with delicate and tasteful chrome trim.



The engine of the Quoris is mounted further back than other competing models. The result is an increased ‘prestige distance’ — the space between the cabin and front wheel — which allows the cabin to be pushed back, providing more leg room for passengers. This prestige distance offers more comfort and luxury while the high shoulder lines of the model provide privacy. Going head to head with European luxury automobiles, the Quoris flaunts charisma and stylish power that make it a fierce and dynamic competitor in its segment.


Lavish Interior




The interior features of the Kia Quoris also do not fall short of its external extravagance. The Quoris delivers a new level of sophistication with its high tech driver’s cockpit, spacious cabin and new luxurious comforts. The interior of the model is finished with leather and complimented by suede trimming in the car headliner. The soft materials are also offset by subtle wood accents that create an elegant and calm ambience for drivers and passengers. Furthermore, the seats of the Quoris offer heating and ventilation as well as manual lumbar support and adjustment.




The foam insulation within the entire cabin result in comfortable silence for ultimate relaxation while the panoramic sunroof creates a bright and airy environment that further boosts cabin ambiance and the driving experience.



Splendid Drive

The high-tech features of the Quoris also deliver rich comforts for drivers as well as passengers. The precise and extra large information cluster enhanced by and HUD (head-up display) provide clarity and guidance for drivers, maximizing information delivery and minimizing distractions.



The sedan’s cutting-edge infotainment system complete with high-definition monitors in the front and rear seats serves both a safety and entertainment purpose. The touch-screen single monitor located in the front allows drivers to take advantage of the state-of-the-art navigation and driving assistance systems. The dual monitors positioned in the rear provide quality entertainment with surround sound for long (and sometimes dull) trips.



Front seat monitor allows monitoring of the entire car



Rear seat monitors provide entertainment during travel


With near-perfect front and rear weight distribution, Quoris also boasts a strong foundation, excellent balance, and sophisticated steering and handling qualities.


Challenging Familiar Luxuries




With a flurry of luxury and premium features that seeks offer entertainment amenities and driving comfort, the Kia Quoris is truly challenging the common luxury features of other competing brands. The refined craftsmanship of this full-size premium sedan is sure to reshape your perceptions of luxury. We can’t wait to see what Kia engineers and designers will come up with next!


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