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Kia Motors has shown incredible growth in Europe in recent years. With the continued expansion of the brand throughout the region, our facilities in Europe – the Europe Design Center based in Germany and the Zilina Manufacturing Plant in Slovakia – are operating on all cylinders, designing and producing a unique line-up to accommodate our increasing number of European fans.




Currently, Kia Motors Europe boasts a vehicle range that includes several models created specifically for the European market such as the cee’d family, Venga, and recently unveiled Optima Sportswagon. Exclusive to the region, these models aim to cater to the lifestyle and driving preferences of our European customers. Read on to find out more.


Kia cee’d Family



Kia ceed line


The best-selling Kia cee’d models possess a unique and sophisticated look that the European market has fallen in love with. The cee’d line-up is comprised of five different models – cee’d, cee’d GT, cee’d Sportswagon, pro_cee’d and pro_cee’d GT – all of them appealing to consumers with their sporty and coupe-like styling.



Kia ceed GT model

Sleek and fluid lines form the powerfully dynamic and confident shape of the cee’d family, completing an aerodynamic and instantly recognizable car on the road. A popular choice among European families, the hatchback configuration also contributes to the sporty appearance of the models and provides maximized cargo space for passengers. Kia has also focused on the newest green technologies to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions across the entire cee’d range.


All in all, the elegance of the architecture, the sophisticated detailed touches and functional efficiency mean that the cee’d line-up provides a cool and sensible choice for European audiences who favor sporty styles, functional storage and fuel efficiency as factors when purchasing a vehicle. Furthermore, the hatchback models, united under an eye-catching and signature design, provide variations in features to accommodate different lifestyles and preferences.

Kia Venga




Small but spacious, Kia Venga is also a practical and versatile model that has been designed and manufactured exclusively in Europe. The Venga offers optimized cabin space equivalent to those of larger segment models while still catering to drivers whose lifestyle demands a compact car.




Stylishly crafted and genuinely spacious, Venga offers big-car comforts and a bold aesthetic that challenges its competitors in the compact MPV segment. Its small size provides safe and easy navigation along narrower roads often found across Europe while still delivering high fuel economy. The striking good looks, versatility, and convenience of the Venga MPV make it an appealing choice for young European drivers.


Kia Optima Sportswagon




Kia’s latest Europe-only model, the Optima Sportswagon, caused quite a stir upon its world premiere earlier this year. As Kia’s first D-segment tourer, the Optima Sportswagon boasts an eye-catching and distinct design that adds practicality to the foundation of the already well-received Optima. With the addition of highly ergonomic features and generous cargo capacity, the Sportswagon displays enhancements that will allow owners to utilize the cabin space with versatility and ease.




The long, lean, and dynamic profile of the Optima Sportswagon exudes an aura of confidence and reliability while the smooth body and gently curving roofline create a distinct tourer body shape that contributes to the model’s resilient and athletic stance. The natural color tones and delicate metallic accents also provide a high-class and luxurious ambiance. Because the wagon is an important and popular segment in European markets, the Optima Sportswagon is expected appeal to consumers by playing a functional role for families while maintaining a mature and premium look.

Created by Kia’s Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer and the European Design team, these three models have been specifically created to suit vehicle preferences in Europe. Tastefully styled with maximized practicality, Kia’s Europe-only models have charmed the European drivers and have garnered a large global fan base as well. Only time will tell if these models will someday reach consumers worldwide, but in the meantime stay tuned for more updates from Kia.


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