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Kia Motors has launched a new digital campaign to celebrate the arrival of the upgraded Kia Cerato! This series of films highlight the innovative, dynamic, and sporty nature of the newly upgraded Cerato, catching the attention of stylish and youthful drivers all over the globe.




The thrilling driving experience of the upgraded Cerato (also known as Kia Forte in many markets) is captured in an exciting and energetic collection of action-packed films. The escapades of the Cerato take place in different settings, from the vast roads of a scenic highway to the sensual dusk of an urban cityscape. More dynamic than ever before, these campaign films stimulate the desire for a refreshing getaway, appealing to those who seek thrills and adventures in everyday moments.





From dawn to dusk, the Cerato is ready to energize your daily moments.


Accompanied by the catchy Dive into the Pleasure tagline and #WithPleasure hashtag, the videos for the Cerato present undeniable excitement and ultimate driving pleasures. Ranging from intimately informative to downright visually stunning, each and every film in the series represents countless hours of imaginative brainstorming and creative labor.







Each  film showcases a different type of adventure with the Cerato


The digital campaign for the Kia Cerato is a visually captivating masterpiece that promises unforgettable and soul-stirring experiences. Well-suited for the model’s sporty and stylish image, we are excited to see the film series for this popular and steady-selling model kindle vigorous excitement and quench our fans’ thirst for adventure.

Check out the videos below and stay tuned as we bring you more news and excitement about the upgraded Kia Cerato. In the meantime, get energized with the Cerato digital campaign!



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