Inspiring social action – Kia Global Workcamp connects students worldwide

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So often, Kia’s development efforts go further than just automobile design and engineering. This year, Kia Motors and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO (KNCU) teamed up once again for its 11th annual Kia Global Workcamp. Collaborating with UNESCO and the renowned International Workcamp, Kia has set out to provide overseas students a chance to discover and experience local community development efforts.




The 2016 Kia Global Workcamp took place in Muan-gun, Jeolla-nam do province of Korea. The Muan Tidal Flat is known to support the livelihood of the local people as well as 300 species of birds and 150 other lifeforms. First to be listed as a national wetland protection area in Korea, the area, in recent years, is being slowly threatened by industrial development and tourism.






To further the ongoing efforts of preservation, eleven international volunteers from eleven countries (Mongolia, Laos, Germany, Lithuania, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary and Belarus) and six Korean volunteers were handpicked to participate in conservation activities for the local ecosystems.






With full financial support from Kia, volunteers spent two weeks taking part in environmental preservation work and cultural experiences. From preserving tidal flats and creating educational programs for locals to learning about traditional fishing culture and visiting landmarks, Global Workcamp participants experienced the breadth of Korea’s cultural activities. In keeping with the multinational theme of the program, each volunteer also had a chance to share traditions and cultural elements from his or her home country.




Since 2006, Kia has recognized youth as a driving force for social change and has created opportunities for young people to participate firsthand in activities that foster sustainable development, cultural diversity and social action. In doing so, we hope to have contributed to nurturing talented and mindful citizens of the world.




Kia’s Global Workcamp is one of many global social initiatives sponsored by Kia. Stay tuned for more news from Kia as we continue to support and inspire social change worldwide!


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