Our largest dealership in Europe yet!

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Kia has opened the doors to its biggest dealership in Europe!

Our new London dealership (GWR Kia), furnished with a 15-bay basement workshop, spans approximately 3,800 square meters and is located alongside the city’s major M4 motorway. This four-story landmark is expected to be a spectacular sight for the 27 million commuters that pass by daily as the floor-to-ceiling windows will provide amazing views of the brand’s showroom from the roads.




Not only is the new building beautiful, it is also environmentally conscientious. The new facility employs zero and low carbon technologies to deliver more than 30% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions specified by regulations.

Take a look at this drone footage of the new facility.



As Kia’s largest dealership in both the UK and in Europe, the London facility embodies Kia’s steady and continuous growth in Europe. With record sales year after year, Kia has demonstrated significant sales growth in Europe for eight consecutive years. Our new dealership will be able to meet and satisfy the growing regional demand.




The opening of the flagship showroom also marks Kia’s dedication and commitment to strengthening its brand presence and European network. With the goal of continued expansion in the region, Kia is leading similar developments in other major European cities with impressive new dealership centers recently completed in Madrid, Spain and Milan, Italy. With these ambitious and exciting enhancement projects underway, the future of Kia Motors in Europe is looking very promising.


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