Kia’s Green Light Project continues forward!

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Kia’s Green Light Project continues to move forward! In July, Kia returned to Malawi for the fourth year to further the objectives of the company’s main overseas CSR initiative. Twenty-five Kia employee volunteers were selected this year to travel to Malawi. In fact, so many volunteer applications were submitted that some friendly competition ensued during the participant selection process.

For 10 days, Kia volunteers traveled to the cities of Lilongwe and Salima. Upon their arrival on July 30, the volunteers soon noticed the effects of the severe drought that had affected the area over the prior four months. The volunteers dove in head first, working to alleviate the effects of the disastrous drought. This year’s project focused primarily on three areas: youth education support, medical assistance and improvement of living areas.




Kia employee volunteers started off their trip by repairing the classrooms and the student living quarters of the Kia Green Light School (KGLS). Created in partnership with international NGO KFHI, the KGLS is a secondary school for local youth in the impoverished area of Lilongwe. After the maintenance work, the volunteers were lucky enough to attend the school’s first graduation ceremony and participate in local graduation celebrations attended by over 100 residents (pictured above).

In Salima – located two hours from Lilongwe – volunteers participated in the operation of the travelling clinic, library and cinema programs. These mobility programs were made possible by Kia’s donation of an ambulance and two box trucks in 2013.




Currently the Green Light Project includes not only Malawi but other areas in need, such as Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Kia Motors also has further plans to extend the program to South America. Learn more about the program on our website and look out for more news regarding our humanitarian efforts and activities around the world.


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