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Engineered and tested to exceed all expectations, the Kia Sorento may just be Kia’s highest-quality vehicle. With sleek, strong and powerful features, the Sorento SUV is an embodiment of Kia’s dedication towards excellence and safety. Read on to find out why the Sorento is a trustworthy and reliable companion on the road!


Sturdily crafted




The body of the Kia Sorento has been strengthened with Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS) for customer’s safety and comfort while travelling on the road. With AHSS making up more than 53% of the entire body shell, this reinforcement aids the integrity of the vehicle’s core structure in the event of an impact. The stronger foundation also provides excelling ride & handling while driving.



Large shock absorbers mounted on the Sorento


The suspension and wheelbase, refined through many generations, provide shock support and deliver a more pleasant ride particularly in bumpy road conditions. The sturdy and robust Sorento is comfortable and trustworthy on long journeys.


Tested to the limits




The Sorento has also been tested at length to ensure reliable performance and durability. Under Kia’s new global development program, our prized SUV has endured over 1.1 million kilometers of road travel during the durability testing, a distance equivalent to 27 circulations around the Earth’s equator!




In addition, the model has also undergone extreme climate testing including assessments under extreme cold and heat, high altitude, desert, mountain passes, bumpy roads and congested city centers. Kia also conducts further humidity, high winds and intense vibration quality tests in lab-controlled conditions. The rounds of dedicated testing that the Sorento has undergone have resulted in the prize-winning model that we see today. Based on the experiences and results of the Sorento, this testing program will be applied to Kia models in the future.




Sorento, as one of Kia’s most popular models, has been recognized with numerous ‘Car of the Year accolades in multiple continents. As a testament to its safety and reliability, the model has also been named as a 2016 IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus and awarded a 5-Star Safety Rating from NHTSA. Discover the dynamism and the trustworthy reassurance of our Kia Sorento!


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