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With cars getting safer, smarter and easier to drive, the extent to which customers enjoy the driving experience is starting to become a measure for vehicle performance. Because driving is a fully engaging and sensory experience, Kia has long been focused on developing technologies to minimize unpleasant distractions while on the road.




Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) – the noise and vibrations that result from contact between car components and between tires and the road – directly affect the tactile and auditory aspect of our driving experience. For a long time, Kia has been taking measures to reduce the abrasive noises and maximize pleasant sounds in the cabin. Combatting NVH through ‘Active Noise Control’ and ‘Active Sound Design,’ we are making proactive efforts to eliminate distractions and provide a sense of stability for Kia drivers worldwide.


Cancelling Road Noise



Engine components working together sometimes results in unwanted noise.


One of the major sources of noise in a car is the engine. Kia has focused on developing and perfecting the engine mounting systems to securely fasten the engine and reduce any unnecessary noise and vibration. Kia has also refined external fixtures such as the side-view mirror to decrease wind noise while applying sound-absorbing carpets to muffle the noise from contact between tires and the road. We also go as far as keeping the number of holes drilled during car assembly to a minimum in order to reduce noise from the car body.




In addition, Kia creates a silent cabin without employing an overwhelming number of noise-preventing vehicle mechanisms by sending out counter-waves of unpleasant noise wavelengths.


Creating Pleasant Sounds




Engineers pay attention to even the smallest of noises coming from your car and make sure they are pleasant to the ears, and we at Kia are designing sounds for turn indicators, alerts, exhaust noise and even the sounds from opening and closing your doors to ensure that customers are not be subject to any abrasive operational noises. Owners of some models are also able to choose from a range of customized engine sounds to further personalize the driving experience.




Recently, Kia has partnered with Harman Kardon – a leading manufacturer of audio equipment – to develop a premium audio system. Available on the latest models in our vehicle line-up, the rich, high-resolution sound system is also a dynamic and refined source for pleasant sounds.




By treating NVH with the upmost priority, Kia seeks to reduce the stresses of everyday driving and introduce more fun for an ultimate driving experience. Kia’s NVH technology development grows more advanced with each passing year, so stay tuned for more sound-related innovations coming your way.


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