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The cornerstone of Kia’s philosophy when building automobiles is safety. Over the years, Kia has developed advanced technology to ensure that drivers and passengers are protected under all circumstances. Find out more about some of Kia’s groundbreaking safety features that protect and prepare people for any situation on the road!


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Kia has perfected the use of advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) to create strong and lighter body frames for vehicles. Assembled using the brand’s patented techniques, Kia’s signature body frames now play a pivotal role in crash safety as well as vehicle styling and fuel economy. In recent years, Kia has incorporated an increasing ratio of AHSS to achieve exceptional rigidity and protection. Many of the current day Kia vehicles utilize twice as much AHSS than that of the previous generation models.




The hot stamping method with which the AHSS frame is put together is used to further reinforce the vulnerable areas within the passenger cabin. Hot stamping ensures that the processed steel is strengthened by up to five times its normal state.


Preventative technology for peace-of-mind




In addition to satisfying the requirements for crash safety, Kia has developed preventative technologies that assist with driver handling on the road. Today, every Kia vehicle is equipped with active safety systems to help drivers avoid any unforeseen trouble before it even happens. Here are a few of the key safety features that prevent accidents and assist on the road:

• Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB): Identifies potential or imminent collision and reacts by automatically applying brakes to slow vehicle or bring it to a complete stop

• Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS): Provides audio/visual warnings to alert drivers if they are straying out of their lan

• Vehicle Stability Management (VSM): Monitors road conditions and automatically controls steering wheel and brakes to ensure stability while providing a safe and smooth ride


Pedestrian Bumper System




Kia cars are also equipped with safety measures to protect not just drivers but all those around in the event of an unavoidable accident. In the case of impact between pedestrian and cars, Kia has added lower stiffeners to the bumper to minimize impact on the knees and legs of the pedestrian. The system ensures that pedestrians fall onto the hood of the vehicle rather than over and under the vehicle, thereby reducing critical harm to both collision parties.




And there you have it – some of Kia’s key safety features and technology that keep drivers (and everyone nearby) safe on the road. Kia’s tireless dedication to customer safety and protection has been recognized by the automobile industry and has helped us emerge among our competitors as a trustworthy and reliable brand. Stay with us as we continue to pursue our promise to deliver cars designed for ultimate safety, style and comfort.


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