Inside the cabin of the Kia Cadenza

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The second-generation Kia Cadenza has hit the showrooms, drawing the awe of audiences worldwide with improved styling, power and performance. Housing an all-new eight-speed automatic transmission, the 2017 Cadenza is emerging as a contender to be reckoned with in the premium sedan segment.




The latest Cadenza boasts smoother lines and sharper edges compared to its predecessor. The eye-catching exterior of the Cadenza is offset by an equally wow-worthy cabin, thoughtfully redesigned with refined touches and quality upgrades.






This new premium sedan from Kia houses a wraparound and well-organized dashboard that flows into the door panels to visually widen the interior space. The cabin is adorned with soft touch materials and leathers, complemented by tasteful wood and chrome embellishments. With the addition of a dark brown color option, Cadenza now offers four distinct cabin color combinations.




The driver’s seat has been lowered for a sportier look and more stability while the rear seats offer enormous amounts of legroom. The plush seats of the vehicle have a re-engineered heating and ventilation system that evenly distributes warmth or provides cool comfort. The ergonomic design of the control cluster and easy-to-use infotainment system provide more enjoyable and effortless driving.






The interior of the Cadenza also offers enhanced tech amenities. The newly mounted Head-up Display (HUD) projects driving information directly onto the windshield while the adjustable seat cushions in the front feature a sliding and rotation mechanism that allows drivers to find their comfort zone behind the wheel. Meanwhile, numerous advanced NVH features result in a quiet and steady ride.


The All-New Cadenza – Spacious & Luxurious Interior

Experience the inner sophistication of the All-new #Cadenza. #MasterpieceofOurTime #Kia

Posted by Kia Motors Worldwide on Monday, July 4, 2016


Boasting a host of luxurious upgrades, the second generation Cadenza offers a fresh new interpretation of the popular full-sized premium sedan that both drivers and passengers will be sure to enjoy.


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