Through highs and lows – Kia tackles extreme testing

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An important aspect that Kia Motors likes to focus on during vehicle development is product durability and driving comfort. In order to make sure that our models deliver the power and performance that is expected, we like to ‘ruin’ our cars by running them through a series of grueling and extreme quality assessments. Read on to find out more about this process.





Our cars and their parts are subject to a rigorous and structured testing process to ensure that they are sturdy and enduring for the global consumer market. Initial testing begins in laboratory settings while major parts like the engine are even exposed to extreme temperatures to ensure that they perform in any situation. With these step-by-step assessments, engineers and developers are able to find even the smallest of flaws and identify solutions that eventually make our vehicles as close to faultless as possible.





Once all parts have been assembled is when the real fun begins. Kia cars are put through rigorous and extraordinary trials that challenge and disrupt the deepest crevices of their structural integrity. Driving and durability assessments call for models to be exposed to temperatures of all ranges and road surfaces of all conditions. From the sandy mountainous roads and intensive heat of the Californian desert to the icy surfaces and sub-zero conditions in Sweden, Kia’s engineering team monitors how our vehicles operate to make sure aspects such as driving performance, handling, stability and car heating/cooling features function flawlessly.




Kia even goes as far as vehicles through salt water baths, enclosing them in intensely humid containers and showering the surfaces with gravel and rocks. These tests, while seemingly bizarre, ensure that our products are sturdy and reliable in any condition imaginable.




With safety and reliability being our upmost priority, extreme testing in all types of conditions is not a process we overlook. We are confident that exposing our models to rough roads, steep hills, sand dunes, congested city centers, and extreme weather has helped us develop among the highest quality cars on the road today.


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