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Road safety does not only apply to vehicles and people who drive them; it is also crucially important that children learn and understand the rules of safety on the road.

 For over a decade Kia Motors has been emphasizing the importance children’s education on traffic safety with our very own annual education campaigns. Our 2016 program titled SLOW (Stop, LOok, Wait) took place over the span of July to November and brought educational activities to both children and parents with the aim of promoting pedestrian safety.





The campaign unfolded through two separate programs, with the first program – ENZY DAY – attracting both parents and children. Taking place in department stores throughout Korea and China, ENZY DAY offered educational guides and activities focused on driving and pedestrian safety.




Parents were provided with self-education guide books while preschool children were engaged through participatory activities such as pedestrian cross walking and mini car driving exercises, games and traffic safety films.





Over 40,000 parents and children gathered at event halls to join in on the fun. Upon completion of the program, each participant was rewarded with a 3D car puzzle and certificate.




Following the culmination of ENZY DAY, the ENZY KIT program served as a traveling educational package with instructors visiting educational institutes for preschoolers in Korea. The kit consisted of educational tools and teaching guides for a fun and engaging way to learn about traffic safety.




Instructors utilized materials such as story books, puzzles and even simulated pedestrian crossing through a hands-on experiential exercise. Reaching 450 Kindergartens in Korea, this kit program accumulated nearly 20,000 participants.




With further efforts being made in the development of teaching material for the ENZY program, our traffic safety education initiatives are starting to branch out internationally and take root in showrooms and even motor shows worldwide. Whit this small step, we at Kia Motors hope to continue bringing enjoyable and safe driving experiences to the world.


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