Watch Kia Niro charm the world (in just minutes!)

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Since its debut, the Kia Niro has been making headlines all over the world with many feats including its record breaking achievements and high tech assistance features. To showcase the unique charm and appeal of the Niro, Kia’s global network has released a series of creative and riveting commercials, going to great lengths to capture and showcase all the charm and appeal of the Niro.

Imaginative, touching, and downright hilarious, each commercial captures the distinctive positioning of the Niro as a hybrid utility vehicle (HUV) – a crossover between a hybrid vehicle and a compact SUV. Take a look at some of the most memorable Niro TV spots from around the world!






As the birthplace of the Niro, Korea was the first to release an entertaining and eccentric TV campaign for Kia’s latest eco-friendly model. In the series, our HUV has been personified, taking the form of a charming mystery man named Mr. Niro. The TV spot goes on to highlight Niro’s standout features, displaying them in a comical and cartoonish fashion







Our colleagues in Europe use a different approach, taking their TV spot in an emotional and inspiring direction. Showing real people in the world who live “as a blend of extremes,” the TV spots demonstrate the greatness of hybrids. The Niro shines along with the characters themselves as we take a look into a day in the lives of outstanding ‘hybrid people’.



United States

The most recent commercial which made its online debut yesterday just may be the most exciting one yet! Featuring the actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy as the leading lady, the spot titled ‘Hero’s Journey’ delves into the realms of fantasy, adventure and comedy.




McCarthy is on a mission to save the environment and as she braves the harsh elements and escapes from terrifying situations, the Niro serves as her trusty and efficient travel companion. Even when the going gets tough, the Niro is always there to transport McCarthy to her next destination.



The commercial is set to air on television during the third quarter of the 2017 Super Bowl on February 6th. With over 100 million people expected to tune in to watch the American football championship game, we are sure that our TV spot will provide comic relief during the heat of the final game. Don’t miss out on one of our funniest commercials yet!


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