Warming up to a pleasant winter drive

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When the temperature drops and the weather turns frigid, warming up your car can be a bit of a nuisance. Fortunately, here at Kia, we have meticulously prepared our vehicles (both inside and out!) to protect drivers from the harsh winter months. With great weather-repelling features to help combat the icy temperatures, Kia has certainly got your back when it comes to winter driving.

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On top of the usual features that make for an enjoyable ride – ergonomic seats, spaciousness and driving stability – Kia has added sensible touches that provide extra comfort during extreme weather conditions.




Many of our models come equipped with heated seats for occupants to adjust to their comfort levels. Thanks to the newest technology, Kia’s seat heating mechanisms now take a very short amount of time to warm up, distributing heat evenly throughout the seat cushion and back. Meanwhile, the anti-bacterial and ventilating properties of the seat upholstery are an added bonus.



Heated seats can be used for other purposes than keeping passengers snug and toasty during their drive. Switching on the seat warmers for a few minutes before getting in your car allows time for the windows to de-ice and the cabin to get cozy and warm – a method far more efficient and economic than blasting you heater and leaving your car to idle.




The heated steering wheel is another top quality cold weather feature for comfortable driving. The function comes in handy during the cold winter months when handling the steering wheel can feel like gripping a frozen ice stick. The technology works fast, allowing drivers to safely navigate their cars on the road without the use of gloves. Many car owners insist that this is their go-to feature during winter months; the allure of a warm steering wheel is tough to give up once you’ve tried it out.



This is not to say that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system of a vehicle is not important. In fact, the two features mentioned above work in great synergy with a car’s central heating, keeping passengers comfortable and warm while slowing the buildup of stuffy and dry air that can occur from cranking up the heater alone.




Whether you love or hate the wintertime, Kia is always here to make sure that drivers and passengers are ready for the freezing temperatures when winter arrives. What is your favorite feature on your Kia to fight the cold winter months? Tell us in the comments below!


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