Why the Kia Carens is an outstanding family car

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How well do you know the Kia Carens? The Carens (also known as the Rondo in North America) is one of our multi-purpose vehicles (MPV). With distinctive features that are fun and practical, the model is perfect for families. The Carens may not always receive the brightest spotlight compared to our other models, but there are many proud owners of the Carens out there. Let’s find out why they love it so much!




Delicate Touch of Excitement

Almost every other MPV comes with storage space like a trunk, but the Carens offers much more. It provides unique interior features that are convenient and practical for everyday activities.



Cargo net


Irritated by objects rolling around inside of your car? Not with the Carens. A cargo net can be fastened to hold your belongings and prevent them from rattling around. It is a handy tool that keeps your items together and safe from exterior damage.



Cargo under storage compartment


The Carens also provides an under storage compartment to store emergency items and other vehicle-related supplies. The compartment, located under the floor at the back of the vehicle, has built-in frames that allow you to stow items separately in divided sections.



Cargo security screen


You can also stow personal items that you want to keep safe with the cargo security screen. The separate partitioned-off space provides privacy from any prying eyes.



Fold-up tray


Last but not least, we can’t forget the convenient fold-up tray, which gives passengers in the back seat a flat surface for food and entertainment items. This may be one of Carens’ most desirable features, especially if children are on board.





Kia Motors & The Croods Campaign


The versatile qualities of the Carens make it one of the best family vehicles in our line-up. Many working parents fall in love with it because of its multi-functionality and practicality. There are even fan clubs formed online to share useful information and even enjoy recreational activities together!

In 2013, the Kia Carens and DreamWorks animation ‘The Croods’ joined together for a promotional campaign. The MPV was a perfect fit for the Croods family as they embarked on the world’s very first family road trip.




Overall, the Kia Carens is a friendly and dependable companion for today’s modern family. The new enhancements revealed just last year will only make you fall in love with it even more. Take a look at the upgraded Carens up close in the video below.


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