No matter how cold, the Kia Stinger is always hot!

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What does it take to perfect a gran turismo?

Kia Stinger, our highly anticipated sports sedan, is undergoing the late stages of testing before its official entrance into the markets later this year. As part of its final quality inspection, our fastback is weathering the sub-zero climate and icy roads of northern Sweden.





At the testing facilities in Arjeplog, Sweden, temperatures are known to fall as low as -31°F (-35°C). Here, Kia’s team of engineers is testing the performance of the Stinger as it faces extreme climate and road conditions. Subject to snow-covered tracks and circuits situated over a frozen lake, all aspects of the Stinger’s driving systems have been evaluated under a critical eye to ensure that our newest model can be fine-tuned to perfection.





Kia also invited members of the press for the occasion, providing a glimpse into the demanding testing program. Our guests took the opportunity to tour the facilities and hop aboard one of the Stinger prototypes to experience the raw power of the fastback themselves. Many marveled at the smooth performance of the Stinger as it carried passengers safely through low-grip road conditions, while others were amazed by the dynamic driving and drifting made possible by the Stinger’s rear-wheel drive configuration.



Albert Biermann, Head of Vehicle Test & High Performance Developmentat Kia,
poses with the Stinger


The Stinger’s performance assessment in the the arctic climate is among the final stages of the model’s development. Prior to this, the Stinger had been subjected to rounds of comprehensive evaluations which included running the rigorous tracks of the legendary Nürburgring racing circuit and tearing through the untamed terrain of the Alps. These quality inspections, along with the latest tests in Sweden, will guarantee that our Stinger is ready to withstand any exposure to the extreme.



Kia Stinger photo shots from the extreme weather testing


Click next to see more photos of the Stinger at the Sweden testing facility 



With over 150 members of the engineering team dedicated to perfecting the Stinger to its highest potential, fans and customers can rest assured that our newest sedan will uphold the high standards of quality that is expected of Kia vehicles.

Are you ready to witness the unparalleled prowess of the Kia Stinger?



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