Kia Anniversary – What happened in April 2008?

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Happy Earth Day! To celebrate this day of environmental awareness, Kia BUZZ brings you a story on Kia’s efforts in conservation and sustainability.


Q: What notable event took place in April 2008?




In April 2008, the Kia cee’d officially became the first Korean car to receive international environmental validation. The globally renowned German-based certification organization Tüv Nord awarded the cee’d with two environmental certifications – the Design for Environment (DFE) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

DFE certified that every aspect of development, from conception to manufacturing of the Kia cee’d, was environmentally friendly and had a high level of recyclability at the end of the car’s lifespan. LCA examined fuel consumption and emission rates to ensure that the model had minimal lifetime environmental impact.



The second generation Kia cee’d also received DFE validation from Tüv Nord.


Since the first two certifications in 2008, Kia has continued to make conscientious environmental efforts and the brand has received more than 10 sustainability-related certifications from Tüv Nord.

But our work to make our vehicles and vehicle production methods environmentally sound doesn’t stop there. In 2014, Kia placed among the top 50 in the Best Global Green Brands list by Interbrand. Meanwhile, according to our 2020 Eco Roadmap, we plan to expand our eco-friendly vehicle range to a total of 14 models by the end of the decade as a way of reducing our environmental footprint.




Kia’s sustainability and environmental innovations continue as we speak. With more green cars rolling off out environmentally savvy production facilities than ever before, Kia is taking big strides toward becoming a leading eco-friendly brand.

Have a wonderful and environmentally conscious Earth Day – Kia too, will remain vigilant in our efforts aimed at conservation and sustainability!


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