Going big on luxury – Kia’s flagship sedans

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For automobile brands, a flagship car represents the apex of achievement. It is the car that commands attention and stands out among all others. Considered to be at the top of the brand’s line-up, luxury flagship models feature the most top-of-the-line design and technology. 




Kia’s very own flagship sedan features elegance in design and prowess of performance and comfort that convey the brand’s appreciation of beauty and luxury. Learn about the progression of our luxury flagship models!


Kia Enterprise




Kia Enterprise was the brand’s very first flagship sedan. Modeled after the Mazda Sentia, the Enterprise sedan was released to the domestic market in 1998. Upon its debut, the full size sedan was praised for its excellent reliability and stately design.


Kia Opirus



First Generation Kia Oprius (2003)


Kia replaced the Enterprise with the Kia Opirus in 2002. The Opirus – also known as Amanti in some overseas markets – became Kia’s first significant entry into the global executive luxury car market. Throughout its lifespan, the model received prestigious recognitions from J.D. Power and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for its style, performance and safety. Although the Opirus sedan reigned with popularity, it was discontinued in 2010.



Second generation Kia Opirus (2006)


Kia Quoris (K900)




Kia Quoris (also known as K900 in some markets) currently sits at the top of Kia’s vehicle line-up. Released in 2012, the Quoris boasts a full range of luxury amenities and features that makes it the perfect executive luxury sedan.



Kia Quoris/K900 (2014)



Kia Quoris/K900 with minor changes (2015)


Since its initial debut, the Quoris has undergone changes to become the model that it is today. The current day Quoris features an elegant elongated silhouette with a distinct and eye-catching grille.




With legendary basketball player LeBron James as the ambassador for the Quoris in the USA, Kia proves that the full size sedan is ‘Fit for a King.’ In fact, Lebron surprised the world by revealing that the Kia Quoris was a treasured model among the star’s collection of luxury vehicles.

Delivering full luxury, comfort and composure, Kia’s flagship sedans has proven to be a pleasant and desirable choices in the executive car segment. Explore the full range of premium features of the Quoris (K900) and discover how Kia’s flagship model is reshaping the driving experience!


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