The secrets behind the Kia Stinger design

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Kia Stinger is a product of passion. Designed and engineered to head-turning perfection, the Stinger represents the realization of a longstanding dream for Kia’s design team.

With an eye-catchingly stunning design and groundbreaking performance, the Stinger marks a turn in design direction that Kia has never taken before. World renowned Kia big names including Peter Schreyer, Gregory Guillaume and Albert Biermann have labored over the vehicle’s conception for years and there is no doubt that the final outcome of their collaboration has painted big smiles on each of their faces.



Peter Schreyer, Chief Design Officer of Kia Motors,
enjoying the Kia Stinger’s European debut
at the Kia Media Lounge event in Italy



Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer of Kia Motors Europe,
introducing the Stinger at the Kia Media Lounge event in Italy



Albert Biermann, Head of Vehicle Test & High Performance Development at Kia,
behind the wheel during Stinger winter testing in Sweden


Car enthusiasts worldwide may have already poured over the details and specs of our prized fastback but there are many hidden design cues that make Stinger all the more special. Let’s learn about the little-known ‘secrets’ behind the Kia Stinger design.


An Iconic Gran Turismo




With an unparalleled level of elegance and athleticism, the Stinger channels the spirit of the gran turismos of the 1970s. Taking inspiration from those icons of the past, the design team placed a strong emphasis on the balance and proportions of the Stinger’s body.




True to form, the Stinger sports sedan has been designed with wind flow in mind. The width, height, and even the individual panels have been intricately shaped and refined to achieve optimum performance. The low height and long wheelbase even takes inspiration from air crafts while the rear of the car is designed to serve as a rear wing to boost aerodynamic performance by reducing drag. Even the proportions of the model’s greenhouse have been shifted to create a leaner and roomier body.




With these functional but stylish design decisions, the Stinger boasts a broad stance and sleek fastback silhouette, striking the desired balance between elegant luxury and aggressive dynamism that is crucial for a sports sedan.


Unique Kia Accents
A fresh and modern take on the gran turismo, the Stinger is not without stylistic elements that make the model unique and recognizable.




The windshield of the Stinger is marked by a ridged cut line where it meets the roof. This design detail comes from Peter Schreyer’s idea to make Kia vehicles recognizable even when looking top down at the roof. The notched cuts also appear on other areas of the car including on the tiger-nose grille and rear bumper.




Gregory Guillaume also notes that his very own favorite Stinger design detail is the voluptuous ‘coke-bottle’ shaped flank. Inspired by the bottle of the famous cola brand, the hind curves draw the eyes to the Stinger’s shoulder lines and fastback rear. Meanwhile, the uniquely shaped LED headlights and flag-type side mirrors are design accents that make the Stinger stand out from all others.




Vivid Hues




One of the first things that people notice about the Kia Stinger is the vivid and vibrant color options. Already, High Chroma Red is a popular choice among fans who are drawn to the intense saturation of crimson paint.




The secret behind the popular color is the addition of a silver powder coating that reflects light for a deeper looking color. The paint job is also finished with a red clear coating instead of the usual transparent coating to make the color even more saturated.

A New Paradigm




Upon its debut at the 2017 NAIAS, the Stinger stole the spotlight amongst a sea of new production cars. As the first fastback sedan made by a Korean manufacturer, the model has stood out as an intriguing outlier receiving great praise from industry professionals for its excellence in design.




The Kia Stinger ushers in a new paradigm that is sure to Kia brand to another level. Stay tuned as we continue to bring you more delightful surprises about the Kia Stinger!



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