Different faces of Kia – Which grille design fits your taste?

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Grilles are one of the most noticeable and symbolic parts of a vehicle. While car grilles are utilitarian in nature, created to guard the engine compartment, manufacturers often incorporate unique designs to inevitably lead car owners and pedestrians into associating the grille aesthetics with the brand.

Grille variations without a doubt play a role in diversifying the vehicles of any line-up. While maintaining a unified family-look with the brand’s signature tiger nose grille, Kia has been offering different grille options to give a greater breadth of flavor and create unique personalization options.

Here are Kia’s most sought-after models with attention-grabbing grille options.


Soul & Soul EV




The Soul is Kia’s popular and iconic urban crossover that demonstrates that ‘boxy-ness’ can be done with plenty of style. The Soul’s eye-catching ‘tiger-nose’ grille gives the model a distinctive sporty appearance. The face of the Soul features a small tiger-nose shaped upper grille with a larger mesh-covered lower grille.





Representing the brand’s first battery-powered full-electric vehicles sold in overseas markets, Kia Soul EV is a top-rated contender among reasonably-priced electric vehicles. Whereas the gasoline-powered Soul model requires the mesh grille to cool off the radiator, the eco-conscious Soul EV is distinguished by its grille, which efficiently serves as a charging port.

Dual charging ports behind a sliding door in the front grille offer flexibility and convenience, as well as increasing the Soul EV’s go-anywhere appeal. Still incorporating Kia’s iconic grille design, the Soul EV stands out from the crowd with its funky, playful aesthetics.


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As Kia’s new interpretation of full-sized luxury sedans, Cadenza brings about everything you desire in a modern, premium vehicle. The Cadenza makes its presence known with both subtlety and opulence, and its beautifully crafted grilles add perfection to the model’s breathtakingly irresistible appearance. The 2017 Kia Cadenza comes with a pair of different grille options: the Diamond Butterfly and the Intaglio grille.




Diamond Butterfly grille


While both feature a new hexagonal version of Kia’s iconic tiger-nose grille, each have unique touches that set them apart. The Diamond Butterfly grille, available on the lower trim levels, features the similar three-dimensional pattern as several siblings within the Kia lineup.




Intaglio grille


Higher trim models come with the Intaglio grille – a step in a new design direction for Kia. The Intaglio grille is comprised of faceted blades set vertically across the front, creating sharp edges that give the front of the vehicle a bold, confident look. Both signature grilles have a concave design that curve in toward the engine compartment, giving the Cadenza an added dimension of sophistication.


Cerato & Cerato Koup




The Cerato (Forte) is one of Kia’s most successful models, featuring a modern, athletic appearance with invigorating driving performance. Borrowing visual cues from the highly stylish Kia Optima, the Cerato sedan has an aggressive front fascia with a bold and wide tiger-nose grille that extends into the headlights.




As the performance-focused member of the family, the Cerato Koup (Forte Koup) is a dynamic and charismatic option that offers surprising comforts and amenities tailored for city drivers. The front fascia of the Cerato Koup displays a narrow and long tiger-nose paired with a larger lower grille opening.

Which grille designs did you find most appealing? Before you get in your beloved car today, take a moment to have a close look at the grille and share your thoughts with us below!


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