Ready for summer? Window tinting fact check

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Summer is here and with it come days of fun! But before you set out with your Kia, it is always a good idea to check if your cherished ride is prepared and protected for the sun. Here are some useful facts about window tinting!

While many of us are familiar with window tinting treatment, there are many common misconceptions. So, how much do we really know about window tinting? Test yourself below.


Q: Window tinting should be discouraged because it threatens safe driving by distorting and obscuring the driver’s view. True or false?

A: False. Window films, when properly applied, do not distort the sight of drivers. In fact, adequate color density of window tinting improves visibility by reducing potentially dangerous solar glare as well as the glare from snow, building windows and headlights of other vehicles.




Q: Window tinting adds to the safety of vehicles in case of accidents. True or false?

A: True. Tinting helps make the vehicle glass more shatter resistant. Although it may not necessarily prevent the glass from breaking, it will keep the glass from flying around and showering occupants, reducing the risk of further injury.


Q: Window tinting prevents car break-ins and burglary. True or false?

A: True. Window tinting decreases the chances of a break-in from occurring. This is not only because the darker tinted window prevents outsiders from peeping into your car, but also because treated glass is hard to break. Burglars hence are less likely to target cars with treated windows.




Q: The darker the tinted windows are, the better. True or false?

A: False. While it is true that tinted windows provide a level of protection from the sun’s UV rays, the amount of UV protection is dependent upon the SPF factor of the film, not the level of darkness.

It should also be noted that overly tinted dark windows increase the likelihood of road accidents. For this reason, the level or darkness for tinted windows is often subject to government laws and regulations. Always remember to check any regulations in your region that may apply before getting your windows treated.




Q: Window tinting prevents possible damage to the upholstery. True or false?

A: True. Constant exposure to sunlight can damage and fade upholstery, not to mention any electric devices inside a car. With tinted windows, such risk can be avoided, allowing you to maintain the appearance and value of your car.


Q: Window tinting contributes to the efficient energy consumption within the car. True or false?

A: True. Window tint can reduce car interior temperatures by as much as 70%, which leads to enhanced air conditioning efficiency during the hot summer months.




All of our Kia vehicles are prepared with a standard factory tint when they leave the production facility. If you decide to opt for an aftermarket tint, consult your installer to make sure the new tint will not damage the preexisting factory treatment.

Prepare your car for the summer for safe and carefree driving!


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