The heart-pounding performance of the Kia Stinger

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Kia Stinger represents a number of firsts for Kia Motors. Not only is it the brand’s first fastback sports sedan, but it is also our highest performance model to date. Countless decisions regarding design and engineering were made during the car’s conception in order to generate the heart-pounding performance of the Stinger GT.

As a true gran turismo, Kia Stinger places a strong emphasis on high-speed and long distance driving. Let’s learn about the features that make the Stinger stand out from the rest of the pack.



High Speed and Power




A gran turismo must be able to reach top speeds anywhere under any circumstances. In order to satisfy this requirement, the Stinger comes available with a selection of highly capable turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines. The 3.3-liter twin-turbo engine of the GT specification generates 370 horsepower and delivers an impressive 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.9 seconds.




Furthermore, the Stinger features an advanced “Launch Control” function that assists in generating maximum power when accelerating from a standing start. This electronic aid limits the wheel spin of the sports sedan, allowing the vehicle to accelerate more rapidly.




To deliver on its high performance intentions, a brand new medium-sized rear-wheel drive platform was engineered for the Stinger. Everything from the engine room layout to weight distribution of the car has been rearranged and optimized. The low center of gravity and stiffness of the vehicle body keeps the Stinger lightweight and well-equipped for maximized driving performance and fuel efficiency. The reorganized layout reduces flow resistance to the front of the engine which leads to a much more effective engine cooling process.





The Stinger has also been subjected to rigorous testing all around the world. Starting with basic environmental testing at the Namyang R&D Center in Korea, the Stinger has also successfully endured the deserts of Death Valley California, rugged mountain ranges of the Alps, the Nurburgring circuit of Germany and the arctic freeze of Arjeplog, Sweden. With all tests satisfactorily completed, the Stinger has proven its excellent durability and performance.


Stability and Comfort

Another aspect of importance for a gran turismo is its ability to provide a comfortable and stable long distance driving experience. Kia Stinger employs a softer, more adaptive suspension that adjusts firmness based on road conditions.




To ensure smooth and stable driving performance, Kia has paid special attention to fine tuning the suspension of the Stinger. Employing high quality suspension links, springs and shock absorbers, Kia has refined tire movement to prevent spinning on sudden turns – a problem that can occur with rear-wheel drive vehicles.




The Stinger is also the first model in our line-up to offer five different driving modes – Personal, Eco, Sport, Comfort and Smart – for more customized and responsive handling on the road. With increased body sealing and improved sound insulation, Kia has also boosted NVH performance for a pleasant and silent ride.




Kia has devoted countless hours to developing and shaping the Kia Stinger into a true gran turismo. With innovative refinements and rigorous fine-tuning, our sports sedan is shaping up to be an iconic model that usher in a new era of design and performance for the brand. We hope you look forward to the arrival of the Kia Stinger in Kia dealerships near you!


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